Why fly to Bali or Jakarta when you can also enjoy a good spread of authentic and affordable Indonesian food in Singapore? Previously known as Naughty Nuri’s, Monkey Warung is a casual and laidback restaurant that serves a wide variety of Indonesian classics at a very reasonable price. Located at Capitol Piazza, you can expect to see huge slabs of pork ribs (their ½ rack is already bigger than my face) which you literally can’t say “NO”! Besides, they will be offering a very attractive pork ribs promotion during their soft opening. So, keep your eyes wide open!

Some of you might now be wondering the differences between Naughty Nuri’s and Monkey Warung since both offer popular Indonesian dishes. Yes, they are similar in that sense but many people have agreed that Monkey Warung is a notch higher than Naughty Nuri’s, in terms of execution and flavour.

Also, Monkey Warung runs a loyalty programme powered by Advocado, so always ask for your benefits & rewards whenever you visit them!

Before I forget, Monkey Warung is especially suitable for hosting large group of families or friends since the portions they served are relatively huge. Office people can also have a decent meal here without spending a bomb. So, save this place down on your phone and let me know if you like the food here!

Be sure to bring along an empty stomach before heading down to Monkey Warung. You’ll definitely be walking away feeling bloated but satisfied. It’s a good place to have lunch meeting without burning your budget as well!

Bandung Grass Jelly
Best thing to get (one jug of it) during hot weather like this! Bandung flavour was strong, doesn’t tastes artificial and it is not overly sweet! A life-saver!

Crispy Pig Ears
Crispy Pig Ears?!! Most of you might not be receptive to this appetizer when you hear or see the name. I was sceptical initially as well but after taking one bite of it, I was addicted. It was crispy and flavourful, and goes very well with a bowl of rice. If you think that the pig ears are a bit too heavy for you, squeeze some lime for more citrusy flavour.

Goreng Pisang
You can either have this as a starter or dessert. Goreng Pisang is fried to crispiness with a good batter.

Pepes Udang
The Chilli Prawn was well-cooked, flavourful and spicy (gets hotter and hotter with each bite). Prawns were really fresh and crunchy as well.

Jumbo Fried Chicken Drumstick
This is one of my favourite dish at Monkey Warung! First of all, it is easy to eat. Second, the chicken was well-battered, and very crispy. Third, the special sauce that comes with the dish is so good, I almost finish everything.

Nasi Goreng
What I liked about their Nasi Goreng is that you can choose your own stable (rice or noodle) and the side ingredients. I would recommend you getting the satay, drumstick and egg! Very filling and satisfying!

Ayam Penyet
What makes a good Ayam Penyet? Chilli Padi and the Chicken. The Ayam Penyet at Monkey Warung scored very high for both. Chilli Padi was strong, flavourful and spicy. Chicken was crispy and tender. All in all, a great combination. I’m definitely be back for this again!

Bali Pork Ribs (1/2 Rack)
The Pork Ribs is the highlight at Monkey Warung! Just look at the glaze and how huge the pork ribs is! The ribs were well-marinated, tender and juicy! Meat falls off the bone very easily as well. Goes very well with an iced cold beer!




Nearest Mrt Station: City Hall
Location: 15 Stamford Road, #01-84, Singapore 178906
What To Order: Bali Pork Ribs, Ayam Penyet, Nasi Goreng and Bandung
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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