Clarke Quay has always been one of my favourite go-to places after work because of its huge selection of bars and restaurants. You can almost find any cuisine you desire around the area, but do you know exactly which are the better ones that’s worth visiting?

Located along Upper Circular Road, Ricciotti is a laidback Italian bar & restaurant that offers authentic and delectable Italian classics at a very reasonable price. With a strong history dated all the way back to 2004, Ricciotti has never once compromise on the quality of its dishes which explains the huge pool of regulars they have. Recently, they have revamped their space as well as launched a brand new menu which I’ll be sharing more on my blog.

To be honest, I was very impressed with the dishes (from appetisers, mains to desserts). They were all well-executed, and paired well with wines. If I’m not wrong, Ricciotti is one of the few Italian restaurants around Clarke Quay and if you fancy Italian food, you should totally check out this place. Service staff is friendly and the alfresco area is also very relaxing. I can sit outside and sip on my wine the entire day!

In-house breads were served before our meal. They were well-toasted and goes best with the dip. It was so good that we had to literally force ourselves to stop before we are full from eating it.

Carpaccio di Manzo // $20
The Argentine Beef Carpaccio was flavourful, topped with generous Parmesan Cheese and Rocket Salad, and drenched with 25 years aged Balsamic dressing. Combination was good.

Polpo e Burrata // $26
The octopus was well-grilled and tender. It goes very well with the Burratina D.O.P which was not too overpowering. I would probably skip the celery (cos I’m not a fan of it). Other than that, really love this fresh combination.

Tortelloni di Bufala // $26
Can’t emphasize more on how good the tortellini were. It had a great texture, and stuffed with delicious homemade Buffalo Mozzarella. Each bite was divine, especially after dipping some basil sauce. A must-try!

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese // $24
Again, the pasta was well-cooked with a great texture. Bolognese sauce was well-balanced (not overpowering). Very delicious!

Ravioli del Plin // $26
This was my favourite pasta out of the three. The flavour was aromatic and addictive. Mushrooms were well-seasoned and soft while the ravioli was stuffed with delicious beef. So darn good!

Crudo e Rucola // $18
This is the kind of pizza I like. Crust is thin and crispy, with a generous servings of toppings. Parma ham was flavourful.

Brazino alla Mediterranea // $34
The seabass was well-grilled with the skin crispy and the meat very soft and melty. The veggies at the bottom was well-seasoned and flavourful. Sweet and sour combination that goes very well with the fish.

Agnello alla Ligure// $36
The lamb was cooked to perfection. It was flavourful, tender and juicy. The mash at the bottom was a great add to the dish. Highly recommended!

Panna Cotta // $10
This is not any ordinary Panna Cotta, but almond-flavoured one! The almond flavour was strong and paired well with the Salted Dark Chocolate Crumbles. I am SOLD!

Tiramisu // $14
Classic Tiramisu that can never go wrong. Ricciotti’s rendition was not too bad and if you not into alcoholic tiramisu, you can order this. No rum is added. By the way, the portion is huge too.

Semifreddo al Gianjudo // $12
This was so damn good please. Our eyes were wide open when we each took a bite. Hazelnut flavour was really strong! Will totally buy this as my birthday cake. You MUST TRY THIS!!!!!!




Nearest Mrt Station: Clarke Quay
Location: #B1-49/50, The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Road, Singapore 058416
What To Order: Pizza, Pastas, Beef, Desserts
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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