What? Ninja Cut is one? Yes, the highly raved-about and popular café in Seah street celebrates its one year anniversary with a brand new Hawaiian-inspired menu bound to tantalise your taste buds. This new menu is definitely a notch higher than the previous one, in terms of selection, presentation and flavour. Constantly raising the bar, the Ninja Cut is no doubt a force to reckon with, and a role model for other cafés in Singapore. In less than a year, the Ninja Cut has already made a name for itself. So, if you haven’t had the chance to check out this place yet, you should bring your family or friends and indulge in a Hawaiian feast. Totally worth it!

Here’s a sneak peak to Ninja Cut’s new Hawaiian-inspired menu! It’s really hard to pick a favourite because all the dishes were equally impressive. Can’t wait for my next visit here! In frame, Moana Love, Maui Dream and Unagi Burger!

Moana Love // $18
The first thing that caught my attention was the Onsen Egg. It was definitely well-cooked because the egg yolk flows out so beautifully just with a gentle slice. You get to choose between Salmon or Tuna, as well as a choice between Truffle Yuzu sauce or Spicy Lime Cilantro sauce. I went for the salmon and got the Truffle Yuzu sauce. The quinoa bowl was very flavourful and refreshing, especially with the well-seasoned tomatoes and mashed avocado. Definitely a must-try if you are opting for a clean meal.

Maui Dream // $22
Croissant was crispy and not too oily. Scrambled egg was soft and fluffy. They were also very generous with the servings of crab lumps with mentaiko cream (very addictive by the way). Overall, a great combination! Definitely better than some of the cafés I’ve tried. Shall not mention the name.

Unagi Burger // $22
Is that another poached egg? Again, it was well-cooked (just look at the egg porn). Unagi was well-grilled and flavourful. Also, the sweet potato fries were really crispy and yummy. This is to die for!

Happy Hula // $19
Ending the hearty meal with a fruity and refreshing dessert – Happy Hula. Again, croissant was really crispy and not too oily. Mango was really fresh and sweet while the passionfruit is sour. Great combination! Also, the coconut-pineapple ice cream was so darn good! I’m a happy man!




Nearest Mrt Station: Bugis
Location: 32 Seah St, Singapore 188388
What To Order: Everything
Café Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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