Running a F&B establishment is a TOUGH job. You basically sell your soul into the business (since you are manning the shop almost everyday and you are responsible for all aspects of it). Not many millennials are willing to devote or commit their precious time into F&B businesses, and that explains why there’s an increase in the number of traditional hawker start-ups in Singapore ceasing their operations. Given a choice, I would also rather settle down with a stable job than land myself with so much stress and uncertainty if I chose to start a café/restaurant. But Samantha, the owner(also a university friend of mine) of The Local Box chose to leave her high-paying job and pursue a full-time career in the F&B line. She’s an inspiration!

Situated within the busy streets of Enggor road, The Local Box is a cosy café that offers comforting local delights with a modern twist at a very reasonable price. If you are working around the area, you should probably mark this place down because you’ll get to eat palatable local classics such as Nasi Lemak, Salted Egg Chicken, Laksa without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Seriously, where can you find such value-for-money food in the CBD area? On top of that, office-goers can also have their breakfast fixed with the super economically-priced toast sets ($4.80) at The Local Box. I mean it’s homemade Kaya, and it isn’t as sweet as the commercial ones! So, remember to check this hidden gem out if you are working in Tanjong Pagar!

The Local Box is currently revamping their menu and I got to try some of their improved dishes. Portion is definitely very sufficient and food exceeded my expectations. It’s definitely worth more than a visit. In frame, their signature Pan-Grilled Satay Chicken Nasi Lemak and popular Salted Egg Chicken with Rice. I left with a very satisfying stomach!

P/s: New menu will be available next year and will concentrate mainly on showcasing high quality local/Asian produce and flavours.

Didn’t manage to get an individual shot of the Nutella Milk Tea (at the far back) because it’s worth mentioning. Nutella flavour was really strong but not too overpowering! It’s not very heavy or overly sweet (you don’t feel like you’re gonna get a sore throat the next morning). A life-saver on a hot sunny afternoon!

Pan-Grilled Satay Chicken Nasi Lemak // $5.90
What makes a good Nasi Lemak? For me, the rice and chilli sauce. The homemade Chilli Sauce from The Local Box falls under the salty and flavourful spectrum. It was addictive and I believe it appeals to the majority. But I thought I would have loved it even more if it was a tad spicier. Nonetheless, I was still very impressed with it. The rice, on the other hand, caught me by surprise (but in a good manner). Are they using briyani instead of rice? and I can taste the lemak in the briyani. Seriously, damn good stuff lah. The texture of the briyani complements the whole dish really well. Not to mention the well-cooked egg and well-grilled Satay Chicken that completes the Nasi Lemak. In addition, this bowl of goodness is priced at $5.90 only. Go ahead and take my money now! A must-try!

P/s: They will be using Briyani in their revamped menu next year!

Salted Egg Chicken with Rice // $5.50
Another popular Singaporean classics – Salted Egg Chicken. The Local Box’s rendition was not too bad. Salted Egg flavour was really strong. Chicken was well-marinated and crispy. The only thing I thought was that they could perhaps add a little bit more spice into the salted egg sauce so that there will be a kick in the dish.

P/s: this will be further improved next year when they launch the Salted Egg Chicken Bowl 2.0.

So, wait no more and jio your friends for some delicious and affordable local food at the Local Box!




Nearest Mrt Station: Tanjong Pagar
Location: 8 Enggor Street #01-05, Singapore 079718
What To Order: Nasi Lemak & Salted Egg Chicken
Café Rating: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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