If you are residing around Beauty World, you should count yourself lucky because Beauty World is manifested with a huge variety of eats – from Korean, Western, Indian to Teochew and the list never ends. Adding to the list, or rather another amazing find within Beauty World Centre is Victory Boat Noodle Café. As the name suggests, this cosy Thai house is very much known for its robust and flavourful Thai Boat Noodles, as well as other reasonably-priced Thai dishes. My stomach was so satisfied from the sumptuous Thai feast which didn’t do much damage to my wallet. So, if you’re looking for an authentic and affordable Thai restaurant, Victory Boat Noodle Café is the place to go to! Jio your family or friends along because the more, the merrier!

No need to fly to Thailand and you can enjoy a good spread of authentic Thai food at an affordable price. The ambience at Victory Boat Noodle Café legit has a strong Thailand vibes.

Grilled Pork Collar // $8
This was one of the hot favourite! The pork collars were well-grilled and extremely flavourful. It was tender and the spices just lingers in the mouth. Dip the pork collar into the special sauce for maximum pleasure. I’m definitely coming back for this again!

Thai Pork (Moo Ping) // 3pcs $5
Another salivating dish from Victory Thai Noodle Café! The pork was well-marinated and not too tough! Not forgetting the savoury sauce which was so darn addictive!

Thai Vermicelli Seafood Salad // $10
Generous servings over here! Seafood (Mussels and Prawns) was really fresh! Very refreshing and opens up your appetite!

Thai Basil Rice // $5
The minced meat was heavily-spiced and flavourful. It has a subtle spiciness that kicks at the end. Egg was on point, very runny when gently poke and it wasn’t oily at all. Priced at only $5, I was amazed at the generous portion.

Braised Pork Rice // $7
Pork was well-marinated and flavourful! It was well-cooked to achieve a relatively tender texture. Not too bad! Again, portion was more than sufficient.

Boat Noodle Beef // $5
Here comes the highlight of the day. OH MY GOD! I fell in love with the Boat Noodle after drinking only one sip of the broth. Unlike other Boat Noodle, Victory’s rendition was not spicy but filled with so many different spices! It was really very flavourful and the best part, I didn’t felt thirsty at all. The broth wasn’t too sweet or salty – very well-balanced! I would recommend you getting the Kway Teow instead because it just melts in the mouth. Beef was soft, tender and juicy! So darn yummy lah!

Red Ruby// $4
This was not too bad. Red ruby was really crunchy and it wasn’t overly sweet.

Mango Sticky Rice // $8
Always need to end off a good Thai meal with a classic Mango Sticky Rice. Mango was a tad sour here (might appeal to some people) but the rice make up for it.




Nearest Mrt Station: Beauty World
Location: 144 Upper Bt Timah Road Beauty World Centre #01-09, Singapore 588177
What To Order: Pork Collar, Thai Pork and Thai Boat Noodles
Restaurant Rating: 3/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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