It’s amazing to see how instant noodles have evolved over the past few years. From having normal (usual) flavours such as Chicken and Tom Yam, we now see more exotic and interesting flavoured instant noodles in the market. The more hyped instant noodles that most of us might be familiar with should be the spicy/mala flavoured ones. Many people have already did their #spicynoodlechallenge and have since uploaded their experience on their respective social media platform.

Adding to the instant noodles list is Jin Bo Soul Spicy Noodles which is developed by the famous Malaysian-Chinese singer Gary Chaw (Cao Ge) and his wife Wu Sou Ling. You can customise the level of spiciness according to your preferrence, with 3 levels to choose from! That means you can now enjoy the spice and flavour without having to gulp down large volumes of water (and also wiping your sweat away)!

Where to find them? Jin Bo Soul Spicy Noodles will be ready for sales in RedMart( on 1st January 2018 at a special launch price starting from $13.90. Go get it because I have #triedandtested and it’s TASTY!

Before I even open and cook the noodles, I really need to compliment the sleek packaging of the noodles. One of the few instant noodles that caught my attention just because of its outlook.

Because the noodles are already very flavourful (It was Mala flavour and I choose not to put too much of it into my noodles in case it was too spicy), I chose to add steamed vegetables, steamed chicken drumstick and a boiled egg which were all great complements.

Another thing that surprises me was the portion of noodles. It was more than sufficient and I was really full halfway through the noodles. Mala definitely was fragrant and addictive (and I can’t stop myself from eating even though my tongue was slightly burning). I’m also in love with the texture of the noodles!

If you think all instant noodles are unhealthy, think again! The noodles from Jin Bo Soul Spicy Noodles are touted to be healthier because they are sun-dried, unlike the pre-frying process common amongst many other types of instant noodles.


Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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