Bencoolen is manifested with several new boutique hotels as well as a wide variety of eats. If you are studying nearby (students from SOTA, NAFA & Lasalle) or working around the area, Hotel Bencoolen has recently opened up their cafe and it serves an extensive range of affordable burgers, pizzas, pastas and desserts. Burger set (that comes with fries and drinks) is going as low as $9.90 NETT. To further add on, the food at Hotel Bencoolen are all made in-house such as the burger bun, beef patty, garlic bread and many more. Seriously, where can you find better lunch deals elsewhere than at Hotel Bencoolen? Quality of food is definitely not compromise even though they are offering their menu at a cheaper price. So, bring your peers and colleagues for a satisfying meal without having to burn a hole in your pocket at Hotel Bencoolen.

I went in to Hotel Bencoolen with an open mind (no expectations) and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality & quantity of their food. Not only was it very reasonably-priced, the flavour, texture and presentation of their food were quite impressive. No wonder it is so popular among the students and office-goers. Simple but memorable!

Caramelized Pumpkin Soup // $6
The pumpkin soup was rich, thick and creamy. Chef has also added some Indian spice into the pumpkin soup, enhancing the aroma and flavour of the soup. What a great way to kick-start the meal with a comforting bowl of flavourful pumpkin soup!

Garlic Bread // $7
I know this is a simple dish but this homemade Garlic Bread is a must-try. Unlike other garlic breads, Hotel Bencoolen’s rendition was not too oily, and has a balanced (not too overwhelming) garlic flavour. The pastry was well-baked to achieve a great texture. Also, this is really addictive. Without you knowing, you can actually finish 3-4 of this by yourself.

Bianca // $14
Instead of using the usual tomato sauce as the base, the chef recommended using cream sauce as a base for the pizza. Initially, I thought the pizza was going to be jelat (cream base) but I was wrong. This thick pizza was actually quite flavourful with simple toppings on it. Again, I really like the texture of the pizza pastry.

Calzone // $16
One of the rare times I actually ate a folded pizza because I usually don’t like the flavour and texture of it. This was not too bad. A little burnt on top and I’ll probably skip the olives inside the pizza. I would opt for the normal pizza (personal preference).

Penne Pollo Diablo // $14
Let the picture do the talking. That cheese pull is only possible if the cheese is well-baked. It was very pleasurable and I didn’t felt jelat after eating it. The pasta with strong tomato sauce paired well with the cheese. Students/kids will love this!

Laksa Linguine // $12
One of my favourite dish at Hotel Bencoolen. Laksa flavour was aromatic and strong, making the pasta very flavourful. So good I don’t wanna share it with anyone else. It also has a subtle spice at the end. A must-try!

Chocolate Brownie // $7
The plating of the dessert is too pretty to be eaten. This simple homemade Brownie was soft and moist (literally melts in the mouth). Paired with a classic Vanilla ice cream, this dessert is to die for!

Beef Burger // $9.90
Very value-for-money Burger set! The burger bun and patty are all made in-house! Portion is definitely sufficient!




Nearest Mrt Station: Bencoolen
Location: 47 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189626
What To Order: Garlic Bread, Pizza, Laksa Pasta and Brownie
Cafe Rating: 3/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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