Millenia Walk is home to some of my favourite restaurants and dessert cafes. If you can still remember my SBCD Korean Tofu House blog post a month ago, you would probably know I was shrieking with joy when I found out that they’ve opened their second outlet at Millenia Walk. Also, The Dark Gallery and Patisserie G are two of my go-to dessert cafes to get my sweet tooth fixed. Not forgetting the cosy and laidback Kith Cafe which I’ll always meet my friends/clients over a cup of coffee.

Just last Saturday, I was invited by Millenia Walk to a delightful 10-course luncheon that features signatures and festive specials from a selection of their restaurants. My stomach was definitely very bloated from the sumptuous feast and I’ll be sharing them in this blog post. If you haven’t decide on the venue for your reunion dinner, this article might give you some ideas on where to dine at Millenia Walk , depending on your preference.

Here’s a compilation of the food I ate at the 10-course luncheon at Millenia Walk last Saturday. Now you know why I was bloated! This has to be the most satisfying reunion dinner I had so far because I got to try so many different cuisines.


Plentyfull Blossom Yu Sheng with Yellowtail Hamachi
If you haven’t been to the beautifully-furnished Plentyfull, you should probably mark it down on your phone. Not only does the cafe serves the freshest seasonal produce, it also offers really palatable pastries and desserts.

This Yu Sheng from Plentyfull is full of flavours (a good mix of sweet, sour, spicy and bitter) and was very refreshing. For the health-conscious crowd, this Yu Sheng is definitely very healthy.


5 Elements Soup
Served in a coconut, this 5 Elements Soup from elemen comprises of 5 different ingredients – Burdock Root, Carrot, Shitake Mushroom, Radish and Radish Leaves. It took me quite a while to get used to the flavour (but it tasted better with each mouthful). Definitely very flavourful and nourishing. Oh yes, before I forget, elemen is a popular vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. So, if you are a vegetarian, you might want to check out this place for the Lunar New Year!

Tokyo Chopped Salad

Premium Beef Tataki Salad
At first glance, I thought this was going to taste so-so but I was wrong. The entire salad was well-dressed, flavourful and addictive. I literally had to force myself to stop eating all of it because this was only like the third dish (we were expecting 10 dishes). Beef was also well-cooked, tender and juicy. A must-try if you visit Tokyo Chopped Salad!


Oyster and Hotate Katsu
Oh yes! Finally some fried food! The oysters and scallops were well-battered and fried to perfection. It wasn’t too oily and it didn’t overpower the freshnest of the seafood. No dip was required.


Charcoal Beancurd with Golden Oyster Mushroom
Presentation wise might not be the best but I can assure you that this Charcoal Beancurd from elemen was pleasurable to the taste buds. Crispy skin paired with a very soft and melty inner layer. Drip some miso gravy on top to achieve maximum pleasure.

Teppei Syokudo

Office people take note! Teppei Syokudo is the perfect place if you want to do a take-away. Generous servings of 6 different types of seafood or sashimi. Shiok leh! Definitely give you energy before you head back to work!

Thai Affair

Moo Ping
First time trying the food at Thai Affair and I’ve got to say I was very impressed. Their signature grilled pork skewers were well-grilled with a subtle smoky BBQ flavour. Meat was tender and juicy. The dip at the side complemented the skewers very well. Will definitely visit them again!

Uma Uma

Mazesoba Chasiu
The dry ramen had a great and unique texture. Even though it’s called dry ramen, the noodles weren’t too dry. Together with a hint of spice and a running egg, I finished this noodle in no time!


Traditional Ice Jelly
Have been walking past this traditional Chinese dessert house whenever I’m shopping in Millenia Walk and why did I not step into there shop before? Their beancurd dessert was really nice; beancurd was soft and melty; red beans had a great texture and it was not overly sweet. Perfect dessert on a hot sunny afternoon!

The Dark Gallery

Single Scoop of Artisanal Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
If you haven’t visited this highly raved-about dessert cafe, what are you waiting for? Not only does the Dark Gallery serves really rich and creamy ice cream, they also have a range of pretty and tasty plated desserts. Oh yes, their drinks are really nice as well!




Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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