It has been ages (lost count) since I’ve last pampered myself with a staycation. After stepping into the hectic work life two years ago, it’s really hard to find a time to relax and just shove my work responsibilities aside. For those whom I’ve shared, my first full-time job was a nightmare. Don’t ask me why because I don’t want to share anything negative over here. My new job has definitely been very challenging as well, to the extent that sometimes I can’t even differentiate the difference between work and my personal time (work has almost ate up all my personal time). It has been a gruesome 2017; mentally and physically draining, and a short getaway/staycation/alone time is what I needed the most.

I was shrieking with joy (and gasping for air) when I knew I was heading to Furama RiverFront Singapore for a short staycation. There wasn’t any expectations, and as weird as it may sound, I went to the staycation alone. It was kinda strange in the beginning, but it later grew on me and I was actually enjoying the time spent alone. I did some reflection, editing my photos, and just being unproductive. Even though Furama RiverFront was a tad old on the outside, it’s interior was pretty stellar – European-inspired design and decorations. I was especially awed by how big, comfy and modern my Executive Club Room were. Since my room is located on the 19th level, it also has a great scenic view.

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Room Tour:

First thing that caught my attention was how gigantic and comfortable the bed was. I can already foresee myself lazing on the bed for most of the staycation. Just relax, watch YouTube and being unproductive!

My friends came over to visit me and they couldn’t stop themselves from lying on the bed as well. The bed was so comfortable that   I had to literally force them to go back home. On the last day of my staycation, I just slept through the whole afternoon before I checked out (replenish myself for all the sleepless nights) . I was very reluctant to go!

Another favourite spot of the staycation was this comfy long chair where I spent some time reading a book/surfing the net. Also, it’s a great place in the morning where you can drink a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the scenic view. Life’s not bad after all.

I can sit here the whole day and just ‘lepak’.  And look at how happy I am. Definitely getting a similar chair when I’m back home and put it in my room.

The dressing room (as I would love to call it) was sleek and modern. Everything was arranged in order. Oh yes, I wore the bath robe when I unpacked all my stuff. I was too excited lah!

Are you kidding me? They even have a phone for guest to bring out. This is especially useful for tourists who haven’t been to Singapore before. Use it to enjoy/maximise your stay in Singapore. Damn thoughtful!

You can also make hot water/coffee/tea over here! Made myself coffee every morning and tea at night. They have a mini fridge at the bottom but I didn’t use it at all! I mean since there’s complimentary coffee/tea, why do I still need to drink anything in the fridge?

The bathtub is damn shiok! Soaked myself twice everyday. Just play some music and relax in the tub.

After a good bath, I went to see the mesmerising view from my room again.

Hotel Facilities:

The only facility I used during my stay here (not enough time). Pool was relatively big. Good place to take ootd too!

No haters please but you can take a shot like this!


Breakfast situation at The Square with an ample of options. Be it Western or Asian food, you can have them here. My favourites were the scrambled egg, croissant and scrambled eggs. Simple but very satisfying!

I also had the international buffet for dinner at The Square. Instead of boring you with all the different choices, I will only share the best – Lobster or Abalone Laksa. It was flavourful, with a good balance of spice and coconut. Shiok ah!



*From now till April 2018, use my promo code: ‘yongweikai’ to enjoy 25% off Flexi for Executive Club & Courtyard Club and 10% off FuramaKids Package – Family & Theme Room. You can make the booking via the link –




Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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