Italian cuisine in Singapore often falls under two extreme spectrum: it is either too expensive or the quality is compromised. It’s hard to find a place that balances both of these factor equally and I came across one recently. Located along Craig Road, Pastaria Abate is a laid-back Italian restaurant that serves a myriad of Italian fare at a very reasonable price. Run by the lovely couple, guests can expect to enjoy authentic homemade pastas (using traditional Italian recipes handed down from the family) without bleeding your wallet. On top of that, Pastaria Abate also offers value-for-money Italian wines which are served in mugs instead of the usual wine glasses (following Italians’ dining culture). No more complaining of expensive food in the CBD area because you can now enjoy affordable and palatable Italian classics at Pastaria Abate!

Ps: Skip the queue and make a reservation at Pastaria Abate via today. It’s super easy and convenient!

This hidden gem is situated in between Outram Mrt Station & Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station. It’s about 5-10 minutes walk from each station (personally feels that Outram is nearer). Pastaria Abate’s signboard is really striking!

The restaurant is beautifully furnished (laid-back and very casual) Perfect place for a first date!

A whole series of photos that belong to the owner where it depicts traditional Italian family.

So many different pastas to choose from (varies everyday) and you’ll bound to find one that suits your taste buds.

These San Marzano tomatoes are flown all the way from Italy. They are expensive but the owners insist on using the best ingredients to present a more authentic and delicious Italian flavour to the customers.

A buzzer is issued upon your order. I mean the food here is already so affordable and yummy; you can collect the food yourself. Don’t be lazy! Coffee was pretty good (but please don’t expect to have nice latte art ah!) I can foresee myself coming here for a quick coffee break in the late afternoon.

Deep Fried White Bait
Surprised to see an Italian restaurant serving such a unique dish. The white baits were well-seasoned and perfectly fried (not too oily). Some of you might find it a tad too salty but I thought it was fine. The more you eat it, the more addictive it gets. Please take this away from me!

Martini Grilled Pork
The word ‘Martini’ already excites me and thank god it didn’t disappoint. The pork was well-grilled and flavourful. There wasn’t a very strong Martini taste; sauce was sweet but not overpowering. Pork was not tough and easy to chew. Definitely coming back for this again! Tasted as good as what it sounds.

Fettuccine with Italian Meatballs
The highlight of the day still goes to their specialty homemade pasta. Tomato sauce was strong but not too overwhelming (not jelat) and the noodles were well-cooked (had a really great texture). Meatballs were really flavourful. Oh yes, mix it well before you eat for maximum pleasure!




Nearest Mrt Station: Outram/Tanjong Pagar
Location: 43 Craig Road Singapore 089681
What To Order: Pastas
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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