Okay, this has got to be the best find for comforting Chinese food this year (at least for now). Taking over the space by The Twenty Cavan previously, The Chinese Kitchen is a cosy and casual restaurant that offers traditional Chinese classics with a modern touch. Away from the busy streets of Lavender, this new and uprising restaurant has already created buzz for its innovative, interesting and succulent Chinese dishes, all at a very reasonable price. Headed by the talented and well-known Chef Austen Ong (dubbed as the God of Culinary), guests can expect to enjoy a myriad of popular Chinese dishes such as their Signature Old Fifty Collagen Broth (I can’t stop singing praises for this) and the very easy-to-eat Chilli Crab (already de-shelled for you)! I’m extremely excited because The Chinese Kitchen is only located one street away from my office, and I can’t wait to share the news with my colleagues! I guess you will see us appearing at the restaurant for lunch sometime next week!

We will all very impressed with the food at The Chinese Kitchen. From the presentation to the flavour of each dish, everything was all well thought-out! It has been added to my list of favourite Chinese restaurant in Singapore!

Organic Okra, Pickle Chilli // $8
The lady’s finger was well-cooked to achieve a great texture (it wasn’t too tough or too soggy). The pickle chilli atop definitely enhanced the flavour of the lady’s finger, giving a hint of kick to the overall dish. Simple dish but very memorable!

Pork Trotter Jelly, Passion Fruit Infused Cucumber // $10
What on earth is this? The pork trotter jelly melts in the mouth, like instantly. Flavour was really good and the texture unbelievable. It paired really well with the appetising (sweet-sour) and crunchy passionfruit infused cucumber. So damn addictive!

Charcoal Grilled Lotus Root Stuffed with Hand-Chopped Minced Meat // $3.50/pc
My favourite Lotus Root well-grilled with a slight charred flavour and stuffed with generous/huge servings of flavourful minced meat. I mean doesn’t that sound good already? Dip it into the sauce for maximum pleasure!

Signature Old Fifty Collagen Broth (Original) // $40 (2-3 pax) & $58 (4-6 pax)
Not kidding! This has got to be one of the best soup I’ve ever tasted so far! Broth was really robust and flavourful (So good that I had to make sure I finish every single drops of it). Fish was well-soaked with the broth and so damn comforting! Trust me, this is a MUST-TRY!

Signature Old Fifty Collagen Broth (Spicy) // $40 (2-3 pax) & $58 (4-6 pax)
If you prefer a spicier version (spice things up a little), they also have the Thai-inspired version (sweet-spicy). Why not?

Charcoal Grilled Orang Sea Perch, Sea Salt & Spices // $62
First of all, it’s really rare to see a restaurant serving Sea Perch, and even more difficult to find one that cook it so well. There wasn’t any fishy smell and the fish was really tasty. Hidden beneath the crispy skin lies a melty and soft meat (a bit similar to the texture of cod fish). So good we were all fighting to finish it.

Steamed Scottish Razor Clam, Korean Black Garlic Sauce (XL Size) // $11/pc
Flavour was stronger for this one (I believe most people will like this) but I thought it was a tad salty for me. Flavour was really good though.

Ah Po Thai Style Braised Spanish Pork Belly // $16
OMG! The pork belly was really yummy. It was well-braised (tender) and flavourful. I need a bowl of rice right now!

Wok Fried Portobello Mushroom, Fine Bean with Salted Egg Milk Crust // $16
This picture doesn’t do this dish any justice! I will order this again when I’m back at The Chinese Kitchen. The Salted Egg Milk Crust was so tasty (too good to be true) and really paired well with the soft portobello mushroom. So addictive and calories so worth gaining!

Jumbo Lump Crab Meat, Chilli Sauce ($98) & Fried Mantou ($0.80/pc)
This is a very thoughtful dish, especially for lazy people. I mean when can you ever enjoy savouring huge lumps of crab meat without having to peel it from the shell. The chilli crab at The Chinese Kitchen is all de-shelled and you can enjoy it at ease. Chilli crab sauce was flavourful and has a good balance of that sweet-spicy. Paired with the in-house mantou sticks, I can only go ‘OMG, Mind-blowing!’

Cream of Japanese Pumpkin, Lotus Seeds, Grilled Banana // $4.50
First of all, I can eat two of this on my own and I don’t need to add any coconut sauce because this was really good on its own. The Japanese Pumpkin was so consistent and has a light pumpkin flavour. Kudos to the grilled banana which added an extra crunch to the dessert. I’m happy because my tummy is.




Nearest Mrt Station: Bendemeer
Location: 20 Cavan Road Singapore 209861
What To Order: Portobello, Collagen Broth, Pork Belly and Japanese Pumpkin
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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