It’s been a good one and a half years since my last visit to Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, J65. I can still remember their popular ‘Lobster Rock and Roll’ buffet (still ongoing) on Wednesday that features a plethora of mouth-watering crab and lobster dishes. This year, they have added two new themes to their dinner buffet: Tuesdays Asian Seafood & Thursdays What The Fish. On Tuesday (the one I’m going to share), expect to enjoy a good Asian spread with dishes such as Singapore Chili Crab, Whole Baked Salmon in Teriyaki Style, Prawn Curry with Mango, Korean Style Baked Seafood, Mixed Seafood in Spicy Coconut Broth, Malaysia Kam Heong Prawn, Baby Lobster Percik, Spicy Thai Clams, Fresh Snow Fish Tikka, Fried Oyster Omelette and many more. If you’re a fish-lover, Thursday offers 10 different type of fishes, all prepared in different styles – such as Chili & Kicap Sambal, Air Assam, Sambal Belacan), Korean Breaded Grouper, Poached Norwegian Salmon, Hong Kong Style Pomfret, Thai Baked Snapper Seabass with Tobiko and Wasabi Cream, and the list goes on. Be prepared to be spoilt with choices! So, mark your calendar, jio your family/friends, and head down for a sumptuous meal at J65!

Besides trying their new items, I was so glad that some of my favourite stations were still there at the buffet. They are still as good as ever.

My first stop – ‘DIY’ Kueh Pie Tie Station. The good thing about this station is that you can create/add the fillings you want for your Kueh Pie Tie according to your preference. Oh yes, I gotta praise myself for the presentation of the Kueh Pie Tie (almost like restaurant standard right? haha).

Another ‘DIY’ station that I’ll always visit when I’m at J65. I mean who doesn’t love our favourite Singaporean dish – Rojak. There’s so many ingredients for you to choose from, and you just mix whatever you like. The rojak sauce was not overly sweet (oh yes, add some crushed peanuts as well). For me, I added a lot of You Tiao because it’s damn shiok this way. I think I did a pretty good job creating my very own Rojak. My friend says its nice also leh!

Decent selection of sushis for you to choose from as well.

Another MUST-try at J65 – Laksa. Broth was really flavourful with a hint of spice. I wanted to go for another bowl after finishing the first one! Slurping good!

Meat-lovers will definitely flock to this station. Beef was really well-roasted with a slight smoky flavour. Tender and juicy, Dip it with some mustard sauce for maximum pleasure. Ask the chef to cut a larger piece for you!

Korean Style Baked Seafood
Only available for the Tuesday – Asian Seafood Buffet, this is another station you have to know. The Korean Style Baked Seafood was so delicious I had 4 servings. They were really generous with the servings of squid, clams and prawns. And you know what? The seafood are complemented with melted cheese. Yums! Rice was well-cooked to achieve a great texture! Highly recommended!

My favourite local dessert of all time – Pandan Chiffon Cake. So soft and moist!

Chocolate-lovers, you should know where to go now!

Really love J65 dessert selections. So many local Nonya kueh for us to choose from. Very nostalgic!




Nearest Mrt Station: Orchard
Location: 1A Cuscaden Road Singapore 249716
What To Order: Tuesday & Thursday Buffet
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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