“As long as you cook something with love and sincerity, you can touch anyone’s heart without using premium ingredients, fanciful presentation or even new interpretations.” This was an important takeaway after my meal at District 10 @ UE Square, particularly so after savouring their newest menu – “From Mama, with love“. Chef Luca Pezzera and his mum, Bruna have put together some of their favourite home-cooked meals back in Bergamo, North of Italy into the latest menu at District 10, highlighting the importance of simple, honest and wholesome food. On top of that, we (as the customers) are also so fortunate to have a feel of how a typical meal would look/taste like for people residing in Bergamo. So, if you want to experience a memorable and authentic Italian meal without having to burn your pocket, do check out the very inspiring “From Mama, with love” special menu at District 10 @ UE Square!

P/s: I’ll be sharing some of my favourites (not all) from the new menu!
Raspberry & Passionfruit Martini
How can we not order any cocktails when we are at District 10? We definitely need to kickstart the hearty meal with a drink first. This Raspberry & Passionfruit Martini is perfect for the ladies; sweet-sour combination, and it was really easy to drink. For me, I’ll stick to a stronger/potent one!
This was a fantastic appetiser. Initially, I thought it was going to taste really raw (judging from the looks of it) but it turned out otherwise. It was flavourful, and paired really well with the thick-cut cheese. Hmm, I need a white wine now! Be careful, it hooks you in!

Caesar Salad
District 10’s rendition of Caesar salad was not too bad! Hearty portion and the salad was well-dressed. Health-conscious people out there, you might want to get this!

Ravioli Alla Fornarina Con Tartufo Nero
This handmade ravioli with ricotta, black Angus beef, runny egg and truffle is to be die for. Ravioli had a great texture and had a very well-balanced fillings. Poke and mix the egg together to achieve maximum pleasure. Highly recommended!

Mare d Monti
Simple dish but very memorable! Again, pasta was well-cooked to achieve a great texture. Tomato flavour was strong but not too overwhelming. They were also relatively generous with the servings of seafood.

Villaggio di Bergamo Pizza
The crust was thin and super crispy. Wagyu meatballs were really juicy and flavourful, and that mozzarella cheese on top of it, Marvellous. So now, where’s my iced cold beer?

Diavola Pizza
This was pretty much similar to the Bergamo Pizza in terms of its thin and crispy crust. Flavour over here was a tad smokier and  more cheese I guess (from the picture).




Nearest Mrt Station: Fort Canning Park
Location: 81 Clemenceau Ave, 01-15/16/17, Singapore 239917
What To Order: New “From mama, with love” Menu
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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