If you’ve been to Seoul before, you should be very familiar with Nipong Naepong. This Korean chain restaurant is extremely popular among the students in Korea (famed for its hearty portion and reasonable pricing) and I got to witness its popularity at one of its outlet at Time Square. It was fully packed and I had to queue for about 20 minutes to get a table. But with the food so good, the wait was definitely worthwhile.

Three years later, Nipong Naepong set its foot in Singapore (Jem) and I legit couldn’t contain my excitement. With so many failed attempts to fly to Seoul last year, I think I can at least settle with Nipong Naepong’s delicious fusion jjampong and pizza first in Singapore. The standard here is definitely in line with Korea, and yes, still as good as ever. If you’re planning to head down to Nipong Naepong Singapore, here’s a piece of advice for you – Jio more of your family and friends along because the portion at Nipong Naepong is really generous! Confirm eat until your stomach damn satisfied one lah!

P/s: Go for the set: Choice of any two ppong, one pizza and a jug of ade ($50.80 for 500ml & $54.80 for 1 litre) Super value-for-money!

Just look at how good the dishes here are! Damn tempting, right? Definitely meant to be shared with a few friends!

Lychee Yoghurt
The lychee yoghurt was refreshing and overly sweet. If you are going to order any spicy ppong, this will be a very good choice (to cool down the spiciness). At the same time, it can also rid off the heaviness if you were to order a cream ppong.

Salad Ppong
This was quite the appetiser; very appetising! Salad was well-dressed with a refreshing sweet-chilli sauce which gives a hint of kick. Noodles had a great texture as well.

Ninae Pizza-Spinach
Not a huge fan of spinach but I’m more than willing to eat this! Pizza was well-glazed with honey, and that cream cheese paired so well with the pizza and spinach. Literally couldn’t stop myself from keep getting a slice.

Cha Ppong
Wanna spice things up a little? Then go for this spicy and flavourful Cha Ppong! They were really generous with the mussels, squid and quail eggs. Oh yes, even though it was a tad spicy for me, I just couldn’t stop myself from getting another mouthful. If you are more adventurous, opt for the level 2 spice!

Keu Ppong Cream
Oh my! Cream-lovers will fall in love this! Disclaimer: It can get a little heavy towards the end. It will be good if you can share this! Oh yes, opt for the spicy one!

Ro Ppong-Roje
Cream+Tomato+Cheese = Superb Combination! Similar to the Keu Ppong Cream, this can get a little heavy as well. Good if you can share this with a partner. Other than that, this is very yummy!

Tae Ppong
This was my favourite ppong out of the rest! It had a nice wok-hei flavour, not too greasy and super flavourful. Again, they were really generous with the servings of seafood. I’ll definitely order this again during my next visit. Highly recommended!

Ni Pizza-Sweet Potato
Simple-looking but very pleasurable to the taste bud. The sweet potato pizza was not overly sweet, and goes really well with the not-so-overwhekming whipped cream. Dip the pizza in for maximum pleasure!




Nearest Mrt Station: Jurong East
Location: JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-16, Singapore 608549
What To Order: Ppong and Pizza (Just go for the SET!)
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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