Anytime, anywhere just for good Uni. But it’s hard to find a place in Singapore that specialises in Uni (other than high-end Japanese restaurant and even so, prices are a tad steep). If you’re a huge Uni-lover, you should totally check out the Uni-centric Uni Gallery by OosterBay for a sensational & Uni-quely experience without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Located within The Plaza, Uni Gallery by OosterBay offers a wide range of premium Uni (from different parts of the world) and Sashimi at a very reasonable price. Air-flown 4 times a week, expect to enjoy a myriad of interesting, delicious and creative Uni dishes. So, mark you calendar and treat your loved ones to a sumptuous Uni feast. And yes, be prepared to be mind-blown!

Ate one year full of Uni with these 7 delicious and creative Uni dishes! It was hard to choose a favourite because they all left a strong impression. This is one place I’m gonna bring my mum during Mother’s Day (coming soon in May).

Uni Sampler Set // 5 types – $98
Kickstarting the Uni feast with a Uni Sampler Set (variety of Uni depends on seasonality and shipment) and yeah, you can decide which is your favourite. Sampled 5 different types of Uni (from the lightest to the heaviest) and I realised I’m more in tune to Uni that are creamier, and sweeter! Oh yes! Whenever you order this, please remember to ask the staff the order of eating the Uni. Always start from the lighter flavour first (starting from the Uni that is nearest to the wasabi, and go anti-clockwise):

1) Canadian Aka Uni (Larger in size and brighter in color with sweet and briny ocean taste profile)
2) Shiro Uni (paler in color and taste profile is more creamy and very light ocean taste)
3) Ensui Uni (Uni packaged in sea water to keep the original nature of the sea urchin where uni is harvested)
4) Bafun Uni  (Bafun stands for horse dung in Japanese as the sea urchin look similar to horse dung. Smaller in size but very sweet and creamy)
5)Uni Shutou (Marinated Uni and very intense taste profile)

Uni Oyster Shot  // ($25 each)
Oyster + Uni + Ikura = Mind-blowing! One of the most popular dishes at Uni Gallery (also known as 10 sec of Unami) because you just gulped down the oyster and uni together. Aftermath: Freaking shiok! Disclaimer: Some of you might be worried that the oyster may overpower the uni, but it was fine for me. Really liked the combination which explodes in the mouth.

Uni Sake Shot // ($18 each)
Seriously went high after downing this! Bafun Uni served in Imayo Tsukasa Junmai Sake (known for its bright and sweet taste) with a tint of soya sauce and you know what, alcohol content is pretty intense here! So, if you’re are not into alcohol-related dishes, skip this! But, I’m definitely up for this! The sake brings out the sweetness of the Uni! Another shot for me please!

Uni Tokusen Sashimi // ($142 for 4pax)
Attention all Sashimi-lovers, it’s a sashimi party! Again, the availability of the sashimi is dependant on its seasonality and shipment. In this platter, Aji (Horse Mackerel), Chutoro (Tuna), Kanpachi (Yellowtail Fish), Hotate (Scallop) and Salmon.

2 Type Premium Uni Chirashi 
Oh my god! Uni Chirashi! Yes, of course! How to eat this? Mix them up together. This was so good that I can finish the whole thing by myself! Sorry, I’m not sharing this!

Le Tetsuya // ($48)
Bafun uni served atop shredded Hokkaido Crabmeat and Beluga Strugeon Caviar. Another great combination. They were really generous with the crabmeat and CAVIAR! Legit sensational!

Uni Mentaiko Pasta ($38)
This has to be one of the best Mentaiko pasta I’ve had in Singapore. Not because there’s Uni, but the flavour was really good (not too overwhelming). Noodles had a great texture as well. Finished this in no time!
Nearest Mrt Station: Bugis/Nicoll Highway
Location: 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, #B1-310, Singapore 199591
What To Order: Everything!!!
Restaurant Rating: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 9/10
Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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