Running out of ideas on where to dine with your spouse? Looking for a quiet and romantic restaurant to impress your partner? But hopefully, not too taxing to the wallet? Don’t worry bro! I’ve got you covered! You can impress your girlfriend with a romantic and memorable dinner at the beautifully-furnished Caffe B! Located at a hidden corner along Club Street, Caffe B offers a myriad of Japanese-Italian fusion dishes at a very reasonable price. Helmed by the new Executive Chef Masanao Saito, be prepared to be blown away by his new and carefully-curated fusion menu which combine the finesse of Japanese flavours and the comforts of Italian cuisine.

It’s been two years since I’ve last visited Caffe B (when they were still in Marina Bay Sands) and I can guarantee you that their food has improved more than a notch. I was really impressed when I was there for dinner last week. The dishes scored really well in terms of flavours, execution and presentation. So bros, if you wanna score a huge win, better hurry and surprise your girlfriend with a memorable meal at Caffe B! Trust me, it will be a romantic date to remember!

Chef Masanao Saito really know how to do his thang! Just look at how delicious and well-presented the dishes are! Tried a plethora of dishes and most of them left a really strong impression!

Barrel Aged Old Fashion // $25
Kick-starting the feast with a classic Old Fashion. Clean, and smooth. Another glass please?


Churros with Truffle Mayo // $9
This came as a surprise because we didn’t expect the churros to be shaped or served in this manner. What I liked about the churros is that it was not too thick (not jelat) and not too oily. Dip it into the truffle mayo for maximum pleasure. I literally couldn’t stop myself from eating it! Seriously, damn addictive!

Hiroshima Oyster // $15
Fresh and succulent oyster served with Wasabi Foam, Ponzu Jelly, Ikura & Yuzu Dressing. How to resist this? Combination was really good. Gulp the whole oyster down in one mouthful!

Farmer’s Egg // $12
This is beautifully-presented! So, the camera eats first! So many good stuff contained in the egg shell – Creamy Clam Espuma, Shio Konbu Seaweed, Sea Urchin, Lemon Jam & Chive. One word to describe this dish: Sensational! Highly recommended!

Cured Fresh Salmon on Crackers
Fresh Salmon on crackers! Super easy to eat! (good to order for the first date).

Espelette Octopus Salad // $16
This was pretty good! Other than it being a tad too tough (we left it on the table for a while), I really like the grilled flavour of the octopus. Sauce was amazing as well. P/s: Eat this fast!


Tagliatelle Carbonara // $14
The carbonara was well-cooked with the pasta having a great texture. Cream sauce was not too overwhelming and generous servings of bacon. Again, eat this while it’s hot.

I am Crazy in Singapore // $26
This was a little disappointing! Expected it to be as interesting as it’s name (not as crazy as it sounds) but it turned out to be quite an ordinary pizza. Not trying to say that the pizza was bad, more like the expectation was too high. If you’re into pizza with thicker crust, you will probably like this! Sorry, not crazy over this!

“Golden” Angel Hair Cold Pasta // $32
A tad pricey but trust me, this is worth every single penny. Pasta was well-cooked and the truffle oil was so good. Paired with uni, you’ll definitely impress your partner! Why is this so yummy?

Risotto Lobster Singapore // $28
This was my favourite dish at Caffe B. Risotto was well-cooked to achieve the best texture. It was also flavourful (not jelat and I can finish this all by myself) and again, generous with the lobster meats which has been mixed in the risotto. I’m not sharing this!

Wagyu al Porto // $38
Steak-lovers, can I have your attention please? These wagyu striploin was tender and juicy. Can you see how beautiful the cut is?

Black Cod & Greens // $24
Cod fish was well-cooked – no fishy taste and it had a great texture (not too tough or mushy). Oh yes, the tomato and radish on the side was really good too.


Tiramisu // $9
Caffe B’s rendition of Tiramisu was not too bad. Alcohol flavour was well-balanced and the cake was really soft and moist.

Glass Montebianco with Chestnuts // $10
You will either like this or not. If you like chestnut, then go ahead and order this. Otherwise, I’ll suggest you skip this!

Pineapple Compote & Pistachio // $10
One thing that caught my attention: the pistachio ice cream was really good. We were fighting to finish that!

Peach Melba // $10
This was really refreshing! Confirm will wake you up! Good mix of sweet and sour!




Nearest Mrt Station: Telok Ayer/Chinatown
Location: 64 Club St, Singapore 069438
What To Order: Lobster Risotto, Angel Hair, Farmer’s Egg and Pineapple Compote & Pistachio
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)


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