Don’t get me wrong! I don’t hate Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, I detest it. My stay at the 5 star Hotel was so comfortable and shiok that I detest it for making me not wanting to go back to Singapore. The Executive Suite that I stayed in was beautifully-furnished, stylish, spacious, and has a really great bathroom. Bed was so comfy that I didn’t want to wake up most of the time. Also, you get to chill and enjoy FREE flow of drinks at their Club Lounge! Tell me, who wants to go home now?

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur is also conveniently located in Bukit Bintang – Shopping & Food Heaven in KL. Pavillion is just next to the hotel, Sephora across the street and Fahrenheit opposite it. You don’t have to take any public transport and literally just have to EAT, SHOP and SLEEP! My favourite Jalan Alor Food Street is also about 1o minutes away from the hotel. Walau eh, I really don’t want to go back Singapore liao!

On top of that, staying in Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur also allows me to earn points through their FNB rewards programme (powered by advocado) which I can use in 3 of their different F&B establishments (2 restaurants & 1 cafe). Because I’m a foodie, this excites me the most. My stomach was really satisfied throughout the entire stay. P/s: I didn’t manage to visit some of the cafes recommended by most of you because the three F&Bs at the hotel is already more than enough for my short stay in KL.

I had a great 3 days 2 nights at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur! The stay was so awesome that I didn’t want to go home!

1) Room/Hotel Facilities
Time to boast about my beautiful and cosy Executive Suite as well as the Club Lounge!

The dressing table is so damn chio! Totally can do a OOTD here!

I can sit here all day with a book or have a cup of coffee while enjoying the view!

My comfortable and spacious bed!

The usual bathroom selfie! haha!

Toilet was super spacious as well. Didn’t manage to get a good shot of my bathtub!

Toilet essentials are placed neatly on the basin.

My room key:)

This beautiful shot was taken by: Motion In Style at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur’s rooftop!

The super posh Club Lounge where you can get to enjoy FREE flow drinks. Drink to your heart’s content!

2) FOOD – 3 F&B Establishments
You can find 3 F&B establishments within the hotel inside – The Mill, Lai Ching Yuen and Bistro 160. Out of the three, my favourite was the Chinese/Cantonese Restaurant Lai Ching Yuen. But you know what, I’ll share with you all the three places!

The Mill

International Buffet at The Mill! They are also known for their specialty Kebab and Naan! I would say the buffet spread was decent. If you’re going f0r variety, The Mill is the best place to go to!

Also, I got to try their new weekend buffet – Surf & Turf! LITERALLY Meat and Seafood Galore but I was more attracted to their dessert selection (which was all in pink by the way; ladies will definitely scream)!

HUGE HUGE selection of fresh seafood for diners to choose from!

A decent selection of sushi as well.

We were all spoilt for choice, and it was really hard to find a favourite. I can already see the sparkles in the eyes of the ladies. Sweet tooth confirmed fixed over here!

Bistro 160
If you want to have a coffee break after your shopping, Bistro 160 offers a decent range of cakes and pastries at a reasonable price.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fresh Fruit Tart

Cream Puffs
Simple looking but trust me, they were good. Handed down from a family recipe, the cream puffs were not overly sweet.

Check out my reaction when I ate the cream puffs at my YouTube Channel:

Lai Ching Yuen
Known for their superb Chinese/Cantonese dishes, Lai Ching Yuen is also my favourite restaurant at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur. If you’re looking for a good Dim Sum place, this is the perfect place to go to!

Crispy Prawn Rolls
These were perfectly fried (not too oily) and super addictive. Need no condiments to go with it!

Durian Pancakes
Not my cup of tea (not a durian fan) but if you’re into durians, please order this! This dish is highly raved among the Malaysians!

Har Gow
Skin was not too thick and they were also generous with the filling.

Lamb Cutlets
Their specialty and signature Lamb Cutlets are to die for. Very well-braised and there were no game smell.

***Remember to ask for your FNB rewards programme (powered by advocado) when you visit the different F&Bs at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

3) Accessibility
Like what I’ve mentioned in the beginning, the hotel is strategically located in the middle of a shopping/food paradise. Legit shop and eat to my heart’s content! Spent so much money because temptation is REAL!

Oh yes, the hotel is so near to Jalan Alor (walking distance) and we had a really sumptuous feast there. I think I gained about 2kg!

You can also get to try the famous Tokyo Secret Cheese Tarts but well, I think it is OVERRATED! Try at your own risk. They are not cheap at all.

Oh yes, do remember to check out The Soloist for a trendy haircut. It is only opposite the hotel. Price is a tad expensive but you pay for what you get.


So, with so many good things about Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, it’s hard not to feel sad during my last day in the hotel. I’ll definitely be back again!




Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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