Whenever someone asks me to recommend a good dessert place in Singapore, Nesuto is the first to pop up in my head. It is a no secret that they offer really delicate and luscious French entremets. Also, this is one dessert cafe that I’ll frequently patronise to get my sweet tooth fixed. Recently, Nesuto welcomes a brand new Sakura Blossoms High Tea Set (in line with the Sakura season as well as Mother’s Day) and they have raised the bar really high. After comparing their High Tea Set last December, I can safely say that this new High Tea Set that they are currently offering is in a class all by itself. There wasn’t anything that I disliked about it. On top of that, they have also introduced two Mother’s Day special – Simple Elegance and L’Amour (super beautiful by the way). So, what are you waiting for? Make a reservation with Nesuto and surprise your mum with an elegant celebration this Mother’s Day! She’ll definitely be touched by the extravagant love!

P/s: I’ll also be sharing with you guys a BONUS/NEW Matcha creation from Nesuto as well! Good matcha dessert must share!

I bet your mum will be surprised with all these gorgeous-looking entremets at Nesuto. Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes, they are also very pleasurable to the taste buds.

Sakura Blossoms High Tea Set

Treat your mum to a relaxing and luxurious Sakura Blossoms afternoon high tea set which comes in a delightful 3 tiers of Japanese-themed savouries and sweets. Priced at $45.90 for the first person; and $24.90 for the second pax, this afternoon high tea set is really very value-for-money. Like what I’ve said earlier, there wasn’t anything that I disliked about it. Every piece was very well-executed. *Do take note: This Sakura Blossoms High Tea Set is only by reservation with 2 days advance notice. Oh yes, it is only available till 31st May 2018. So, hurry and go make a reservation before it’s gone!

Here’s a sneak preview to what you’ll be expecting from the High Tea Set:

Dark Chocolate Chip Scones with Matcha Cream & Azuki
Remember to start with the delicious Dark Chocolate Chip Scones (my favourite as usual and probably the best scones in Singapore) that comes with Matcha Cream & Azuki first. Scones were really moist, and not dry at all. Texture was really good! It was already good on its own. Azuki beans were not too sweet and the matcha cream was really aromatic and light (you won’t feel jelat after eating it). So damn good. I think I need to ask them to teach me how to make this!

Here’s the matcha cream to go with the scones. It was light and not overly sweet.

Yuzu Tomatoes
The tomatoes were sweet and well-seasoned. Great as an appetiser or if you feel a little heavy towards the end, this can probably rid away the heaviness.

Wagyu Beef Toasts
I would suggest you start with the Wagyu Beef Toasts first when you hit the savoury section. I mean, this should be eaten when the beef is still hot. Wagyu beef was really flavourful, tender and juicy. Oh yes, the brioche was really well-toasted as well. Great combination!

Char Siew Tamago Mini Wraps
Okay, I didn’t expect this simple-looking fusion dish to taste so good. Char-siew was really succulent (not too sweet as well). *Disclaimer: The wrap can get a little tough if you don’t eat it quick!

Kani & Ikura Somen
The noodles were slurpilicious good! It was well-cooked to achieve a great texture. Also, generous servings of Ikura on the noodles. Flavour was really good!

Rose Panna Cotta with Sakura & Lychee Gelee
These two complemented one another really well. I love the light rose flavour and yes, thank god it wasn’t too sweet. I think my mum will love this!

Kalamansi & Coconut Matcha Opera Cake
The combination might sound a little weird but it works. Matcha flavour wasn’t too strong and the kalamansi wasn’t too overwhelming. Super moist as well.

Nori Seaweed Cookies
These cookies were fragrant and goes really well with my Earl Grey Tea.

Japanese Black Sesame Tarts
Black-sesame fans! You will fall in love with this Black Sesame Tart. Crust was not too flaky, and the black sesame was not too sweet. I wish you guys can smell the aroma of the black sesame!

I’m definitely coming back for this again! Remember to make a reservation if you want to enjoy the Sakura Blossoms High Tea Set!

Simple Elegance // 16cm ($65) & 20cm ($88)
Looking for a not-so-sweet & elegant cake to surprise your mum, you should totally check out this Simple Elegance from Nesuto. Made of a vanilla sponge base sandwiched with strawberry jam; and layered with vanilla and grand marnier crème diplomat. Cake was really light, soft and moist. One bite and you literally can’t stop. Not jelat at all. Mums will love this!

*Available for order now at https://nesuto.oddle.com

L’Amour // $10.80
If you’re looking for a bite-sized/not-so-huge pastry to surprise your mum, the new L’Amour is the perfect option. Made of light cream cheese mousse with poached strawberries confit and brown butter sable. *Disclaimer: Some of you might find the strawberries confit inside the entremet a tad too strong/sweet.

*Available from 25 April 2018 to 13 May 2018


Jasmine Orient
OH MY GOD! This was really good, so must share! Jasmine flavour was really light and the mango inside the entremet paired so well with matcha. I’m sold!




Nearest Mrt Station: Tanjong Pagar
Location: 53 Tras St Singapore 078992 Tras Street, 078992
What To Order: Sakura Blossoms High Tea Set, Simple Elegance & Jasmine Orient
Cafe Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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