Oh yes! I finally paid a visit to Skyve Wine Bistro after hearing so many positive reviews about the restaurant. And you know what? I have even more to share! Away from the hustle and bustle, Skyve Wine Bistro has recently rolled out a brand new modern bistro menu bound to tantalise you and your partner’s taste buds. Coupled with its romantic setting, Skyve Wine Bistro is the perfect dining spot for all lovebirds. Even though the restaurant might be a little out of the way, it definitely warrants a visit/re-visit. So, create your special and long-lasting memories with your loved ones today at Skyve Wine Bistro!

P/s: For all the guys out there, you can easily impress your date without having to spend a bomb here! So, mark this place down right now!

I was really surprised at how well-rounded the dishes were. They were well-presented (as seen in the picture) and very well-executed. Remember to get your camera ready! Very hard not to snap some photos of them when they are so beautifully presented.

Smoked Tomato // $12++
Buffala Snow | Hearr of Palm | Basil Sorbet
This appetiser was refreshing, especially the basil sorbet (not too overwhelming). Tomatoes were really sweet. Great way to start the meal.

Beef Tartare // $18++
Miso Cured Truffle Yolk | Shallot Dust | Gherkin Gelee | Biscuit
Some of you might not be receptive to Beef Tartare, fearing that it is too raw for consumption. I can assure you that Skyve Wine did it pretty well. Mix the Miso Cured Truffle Yolk together with the beef and by the time you know it, you have already finished the entire dish. P/s: if you think the Beef Tartare is a tad salty for you, pair it with the biscuit.

Mediterranean Octopus // $18++
Lemon Pickled Eggplant | Vandouvan | Cauliflower Puree
The octopus was really well-cooked to achieve a great texture – not too chewy or too tough. It was well-grilled and flavourful. I’m loving the lemon pickled eggplant as well (ate everything on the plate).

Lobster Sang Mee // $32++
“Abalone” | Mussels | Egg Drop Soup
A tad pricey but it is definitely worth every single penny. Honestly, this was my favourite dish at Skyve Wine Bistro. There was simply nothing to fault about the dish. Broth was flavourful, noodles were really crispy, and they were very generous with the portions of abalone, mussels and lobster meats. Highly recommended! Definitely you can impress your date with this dish!

Cilantro Chilli Smoked Duck // $24++
Quinoa | Edamame | Pink Peppercorn | Corn Ricotta
Again, the smoked duck was really well-executed to achieve a charred flavour. Loving how the quinoa and corn ricotta complement the meat. It wasn’t too tough as well.

Smoked Tenderloin // $38++
Gobo | Pickled Green Pepper | Braised Shitake | Truffle Soil
Tenderloin was so soft and tender. Literally melts in my mouth! Also, the truffle soil was such an addictive complement to the beef. Beef-lovers, you need to order this! If not, you’ll regret!

Semifreddo of Lime // $10++
Blue Pea Flower Caviar | Sable
Oh my god! Not only was this dessert pleasing to the eyes, it was also very pleasurable to the taste buds. It was refreshing (great sweet-sour combo)!

Tiramisu // $10++
Coffee Granita | Chocolate Soil
The amount of rum in this tiramisu can get me drunk easily and I’m not complaining. Loving the coffee aroma and the softness of the dessert. Order this if you are an alcoholic/dessert-lover like me. Best of both worlds!

Molten Chocolate // $12++
Salted Caramel Ice Cream | Candied Zest
Okay. This was simple but satisfying. The molten chocolate flows out steadily when sliced gently. Super rich and calories so worth gaining. Paired it with a classic vanilla ice cream, my sweet tooth is satisfied!
Nearest Mrt Station: Newton
Location: 10 Winstedt Rd, Singapore 227977
What To Order: Lobster Sang Mee, Tiramisu, Tenderloin and Smoked Duck
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10
Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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