I literally went ‘WOAH’ at every dish that was served at Tien Court. Visually, it was stunning. One look at it and you’ll know how thoughtful the chefs were. Not only were the dishes well-presented, they were also well-executed in terms of texture and flavour. We were all very impressed with the standard at Tien Court (definitely set the bar really high). With the top notch experience at Tien Court, I believe it will be the perfect place to surprise your mum this coming Mother’s Day. Prices are a tad steep but trust me, it is worth every single penny you pay. I mean your mum definitely deserves to have a lavish meal for all the things that she’ve done for you right?

Situated within Copthorne King’s Hotel, the decade old Tien Court is known for its outstanding and elegant Chinese cuisine. No wonder they have a huge pool of regulars (I’ve heard that some of them have been patronising Tien Court for more than 10 years now). For this article, I’ll be sharing some of their signature ala-carte dishes as well as their Mother’s Day specials. So yah, remember to get a tissue to cover your mouth because you are gonna drool so bad when you see the pictures later.

P/s: Their seats filled up pretty quickly. So, grab your phone and make a reservation before they are all gone!

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Just look at how aesthetically-pleasing all the dishes are! I believe your mum is in for an amazing surprise! Okay, I’m salivating myself looking at the collage!

     汤 (Braised Lobster Soup with Mini Pumpkin)
As you can see, presentation is super on point. Hidden within the pumpkin lies a very rich and flavourful lobster soup with generous/huge chunks of lobster meat. This was seriously mind-blowing. Oh yes, I also scraped the pumpkin meat after finishing the soup (it was sweet and has been soaked with the essence of the lobster soup).

      皇 (Baked Fresh Scallops served with Cheese Mayonnaise and Teriyaki Brinjal)
This was very pleasurable to the tastebuds. I never knew scallop goes so well with brinjal and thank you Tien Court for creating this insane combo. Brinjal was surprisingly not too oily with a melty kind of texture. Scallops were well-baked to achieve a really nice and crunchy texture. Heavenly dish and I really think I can pop all of them into my mouth alone. So good I didn’t want to share!

      鸡 (Salted Kampong Chicken with Minced Ginger)
This was not too bad, but pale in comparison with the other dishes. Chicken was tender and juicy but I would have loved it even more if the sauce wasn’t that bland. Probably better if you dip the chicken into the condiments.

   鸭 (Braised Duck with Yam and Sour Plum in Claypot)
This was one of my favourite dish at Tien Court. The duck and yam were very well-braised. So good I think I finished 3/4 of the yams. The sauce was the reason why this dish was a success. Not too sweet and super addictive. Now, where is my bowl of rice?

归茶皇鸭 (Tien Court Signature Tea Smoked Duck)
A must-try dish when you’re at Tien Court. Duck was really well-smoked with Dang Gui (subtle and not too overwhelming). You can really smell and taste the tea aroma when you eat the duck. Not dry at all. Highly recommended!

     胶 (Almond Pastry combination with Coconut Peach Resin)
Ending the hearty meal with a light, aromatic and soothing Almond pastry. Almond flavour was really strong (I’m not complaining since I love almond a lot) and the consistency was perfect. I’m so excited because my mum will love this. Plus it is super nourishing!
Nearest Mrt Station: Clarke Quay
Location: 403 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169632
What To Order: Everything
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10
Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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