Montana Singapore has always been pride for its mouth-watering and unique waffles, both savoury and sweet. They have recently revamped their menu, and the concept is pretty much the same. Popular Assam Crab Waffle is finally back (improved version), New Kimchi Seafood Waffle and the locally-inspired Nasi Lemak Waffle are some of the new items they have rolled out in their menu. Riding on the Samyang Nuclear Fire Noodles trend, they have also come out with their own rendition of Nuclear Fire Carbonara which comes in 5 different levels of spiciness (try the highest level if you’re adventurous). On top of that, you can also expect new sweets – Matcha & Milo Churros Waffles! So, have a waffle party with your friends at Montana Singapore this weekend!

We braved the heavy rain just to try these and we’re so glad that they were worth it! Besides being Instagrammable, these new dishes at Montana Singapore fared pretty well, in terms of taste and flavour. Also, they were really generous with the portions. Definitely a great place to chill during the weekends!

Assam Crab Waffle
This is finally back and BETTER! Have been asking them to bring this back (because this was one of my favourite savoury waffle at Montana Singapore 2-3 years back) and yes, better than before! Waffle has a nice hint of Assam Laksa flavour (not too overwhelming), complemented with sweet-sour pineapple salsa, and of course the highlight, huge chunks of juicy crab meats! More reasons to visit this cafe now!

Kimchi Seafood Waffle
We had a lot of questions when this dish was served. HUH? Where is our Kimchi? And to realise they are all stuffed inside the waffles with chunks of prawns and squid. The texture is sort of similar to Takoyaki but this was more fragrant. Plus the seaweed was a great finishing touch to the waffle. This was pretty good!

Nasi Lemak Waffle
Wow! Montana Singapore has got to be the best place for creative, locally-inspired and fanciful waffles! This time round their take on the very iconic Singaporean Nasi Lemak and transformed it into a waffle is such a brilliant idea. Chicken was well-marinated with turmeric and it was well-cooked to achieve such tenderness and juiciness. Waffle was crispy and had peanuts, ikan billis atop of it, mixed with their homemade chilli paste which was not too spicy. The highlight for me was the yellow sauce made of otah mousse and curry. So darn addictive that I can drink it all up! Highly recommended!

Samyang Fire Carbonara
Are you game for this? Because I’m not! Haha! Montana Singapore’s rendition of the popular Samyang nuclear fire noodles is so DARN good! Varying in 5 different levels, go for the highest level if you’re up for the challenge. Carbonara was well-cooked, flavourful and full of aroma. For comfortable eating but with a hint of spice, go for the level 2-3! A must-try here!

Milo Churros Waffle
The perfect thing to have during a hot sunny afternoon. For chocolate/milo-lovers, you MUST get this! Waffle was crispy, ice cream had a nice milo-chocolate flavour, and the in-house unicorn brownie was lit! Oh yes, the sugar crown was a nice add to the dessert. Childhood memories relieved!

Matcha Oreo Waffle
Matcha-fans, I’m hearing you scream right now! Waffle was crispy and had this subtle bitter aftertaste (probably from the matcha) but I’m secretly hoping the matcha flavour was a little stronger. Azuki red beans were yummy and that matcha marshmallow is so nice. Loving the classic vanilla ice cream to balance away the bitterness from the Matcha.




Nearest Mrt Station: Bencoolen
Location: #02-25, 188306, 1 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188306
What To Order: Nasi Lemak Waffle, Assam Crab Waffle, Samyang Fire Carbonara and Milo Churros Waffle
Cafe Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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