Hello Kitty’s best friend is coming to town! Yes, The Melody Cafe is now open in Singapore, at Suntec City (just beside Gudetama Cafe). Cue “screaming” from all the Melody fans out there! Expect to see a myriad of adorable Melody inspired dishes at the pinkish and sweet cafe. The dishes are really pretty (super Instagram-worthy) that you would automatically take out your phone and snap some photos. For the guys (please listen) especially, this is the best time to surprise/impress your girlfriends with a lovely meal at My Melody Cafe. So, mark this place down and remember to take lots of photos with the cute Melody. It’s NOW or NEVER!

Aren’t the dishes adorable? I bet you would agree with me as well. The talented Little Miss Bento has worked with My Melody Cafe Singapore to create these special Melody-inspired dishes. I’m gonna share the dishes that I’ve tried and I can assure you that they are not only pleasing to the eyes but also to your taste bud.

Here’s a sneak preview to what you can expect from the cafe.

Strawberry Dream // $12.9
Deliciously moist and fluffy strawberry cake with a generous spread of butter cream and fresh strawberries, served with My Melody macaron.

Little Cutie! // $15.9
Vanilla soft serve on crisp waffle basket, topped with marshmallows, crunchy strawberry sticks, butter biscuits and My Melody cookie.

Little Pink Riding Hood // $23.9
Smoked salmon eggs benedict with refreshing Japanese cucumbers, picnic hams and fresh fruit salad – inspired by My Melody’s pink hood made by her grandmother!

Pancakes Bliss // $23
Fluffy buttermilk pancakes and grilled Chicken Caesar with mentaiko dressing. Served with broccoli, asparagus, picnic ham and fresh mixed berries.

Strawberry Surprise // $16.9
Fluffy buttermilk waffles with pink butter cream and fresh strawberries.

The above dishes were only for photography sets and the dishes which I’m sharing now are the ones that I’ve tasted at the cafe.

Merry-Donut-Go-Round // $12.9
Strawberry milkshake topped with a white chocolate frosted donut with pink sprinkles.
This was not too bad. Milkshake was rich and creamy, full of strawberry flavour and thank god, it was not overly sweet.

On Cloud Nine // $8.9
Mixed berries tea with cotton candy garnished with fresh strawberries, mint leaves and My Melody macaron.
Wasn’t fond of this drink because it tasted a tad too “medicine” for me. I don’t know about you but I can feel that it’s either you love it or you hate it. For me, I’ll stick to the drink above.

Hola Taco // $25
Tender Bulgogi beef in taco shell, on romaine lettuce and fresh mixed berries, served with tropical salsa.
They were really generous with the servings of beef they placed inside the tacos. Beef was well-seasoned and if it’s too heavy for you, pair it with the mixed berries!

Princess Bunny // $18.9
A “Kawaii” spin on Japanese curry rice: beetroot infused Japanese rice with pink curry, served with crispy chicken karaage, mashed potatoes, button mushrooms, carrots and brussels sprouts.
This was quite the surprise. Rice was perfectly cooked (couldn’t really taste the beetroot which is a good thing). Curry was flavourful and not too spicy (great for kids too) and the chicken was well-fried to achieve a crispy texture. Highly recommended!

Treasures of Maryland // $19.5
Buttery brioche toast loaded with vanilla soft serve, macarons, mixed berries and strawberry sticks, drizzled with maple syrup, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce.
This was HUGE. Toast was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Love the vanilla soft serve which was not too sweet and it paired really well with the toast. Definitely a dessert that can fixed your sweet tooth!

Treasures of Maryland // $19.5
Buttery brioche toast loaded with vanilla soft serve, macarons, mixed berries and strawberry sticks, drizzled with maple syrup, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce.
This was so good that my cousin finished the whole thing. Strawberry and Chocolate sauce were well-mixed and super addictive. One dip and you’ll be asking for more!




Nearest Mrt Station: Esplanade
Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-361 Singapore 038983
What To Order: Princess Bunny, Treasures of Mary Land
Cafe Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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