Can you believe this? It’s my first time visiting CHIJMES and I’m surprised to see so many established F&B brands residing within the compound. Of course, I was drawn towards the two new cafes located just beside one another, with the very recent Hvala Singapore (their second outlet) and the fairly new coffee cafe, Glasshouse.

Hvala Singapore isn’t a stranger to many, especially after witnessing their immense popularity at their first outlet in Somerset Orchard. Best known for their Matcha soft serve, they have also been quite the hot topic on various social media platforms. And yes, they have opened their second outlet at CHJIMES (very strong Japanese vibes) with new cakes and drinks.

Located beside Hvala Singapore, the Glasshouse is a cosy and beautifully-furnished cafe that serves really nice coffee alongside their popular toasts at an extremely affordable price. If you’re looking for a quick coffee break, this tranquil cafe is the perfect place to get your coffee craving fixed.

Psst! These two places are very Instagrammable as well!

We spent the whole afternoon chilling in both cafes and I’ve got to say both are very popular (never-ending crowd waiting for a seat in the respective cafes). Come to think of it, CHIJMES is actually a great place during the weekend (escape the bustling city), especially so with these two new places. So, if you haven’t had any plans for the upcoming weekend, mark this places down!

1) Hvala Singapore
For all the Matcha-lovers, you need to check out Hvala’s second outlet. A piece of advice: I would highly suggest you to come as early as possible because the crowd during the late afternoon is insane. I think I waited almost half an hour or more before receiving my orders.

Matcha Hojicha Latte
This was not too bad! Matcha flavour blended really well with Hojicha, and the best part, this was not too sweet. Definitely the drink to order during a hot sunny afternoon.

Some people may like this but this drink has a really strong bitter aftertaste which wasn’t very well-received by all of us. If you like that ‘siap siap’ taste, you would probably be fine with it.

Matcha Cake
I was a tad disappointed with the Matcha cake. Would have loved it even more if the Matcha cake was richer and more distinct. But you never know, they might have already worked on it and improved since my last visit.

Goma Cake
Thank god this cake comes and saves the day. Black sesame flavour was fragrant and rich, and of course, the cake was really soft and moist. Highly recommended!

2) The Glasshouse
You can get a cup of coffee at only $4.50! I mean where can you find such affordable yet nice coffee in the CBD area? Oh yes, they serve really nice loaf breads as well.

Lemon Meringue
The lemon glaze on top packs a punch. A good perk me up and it pairs really well with the coffee!

Can’t miss the chance of getting my #flatlay when the lighting and food are all on point!

Carrot Cake
This was actually my favourite! It was soft and moist, and I really like the mixed berries fillings inside the loaf cake. Yummy!

Definitely coming back here again with my friends for coffee!




Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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