The highly anticipated Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival is back again this year, and similarly to last year, there will be a series of exciting events and activities lined up for the public from 30th June 2018 till 8th July 2018. Get up-close with the Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn more about the rich history of our iconic Garden. The theme of the festival this year will revolve around plants that were used by the indigenous cultures of Southeast Asia, including Singapore. Expect to see a medley of engaging events/activities such as Movie Screenings, Mass Yoga, Concerts, New Exhibitions and the list goes on. On top of that, the Garden’s F&B establishments have also rolled out special Heritage menu (using some of the edible plants found in the garden) in line with the festival which I’ll be sharing in this article. So, mark your calendar and bring all your loved ones to this meaningful event. I mean this is the best time to find out more about Singapore that you might not be aware about. For instance, do you know that Mr Lee Kuan Yee initiated a ‘People’s Variety Show’ in the 1959 at the Garden, emphasising on the need for racial harmony?

P/s: Entry is FREE!

For the foodies, the participating restaurants for this year’s Heritage Festival – Fusion Spoon, The Halia, Casa Verde, The Garage and Food for Tots. They have all come out with a special menu and you’ll definitely be in for a gastronomical ride! Psst! They are all very family-friendly (with some that has activities for the kids)!

1) Fusion Spoon
Taking over the space by Food for Thoughts previously, Fusion Spoon is a newest addition to the family – offering a huge selection of different cuisines at a very affordable price. Get ready to be spoilt for choice with its 100 over selections of Western, Local Asian and Japanese dishes. Oh yes, the restaurant operates via a self-ordering kiosk (means you order yourself) and they have a outdoor playground for the kids!

To celebrate the Heritage Festival, the Fusion Spoon has rolled out two of our popular local classics but with a modern twist. From 30 June 2018 till 8 July 2018, you can enjoy the special Bo Bo Cha Cha at $3 NETT and Crispy Banana Caramel at $5 NETT. Super value-for-money!

Bo Bo Cha Cha
Generous portion of ingredients and it was not too sweet. Definitely a life-saver in the hot sunny afternoon!

Crispy Banana Caramel
Kids will definitely fall in love with this! Banana was well-fried and has a nice caramelised crisp and it paired really well with the chocolate sauce. Disclaimer: On the sweeter side of the spectrum.

Banana Mug Cake
There will be a special cooking class for the kids on 1st July 2018 and 8th July 2018 and it’s FREE! Kids (from age 6-12) can participate and learn how to make this soft and moist Banana Mug Cake with safe guidance from the team at Fusion Spoon. It’s a great time to bond with your children ?

2) The Halia
I think most of us are very familiar with this beautiful and tranquil restaurant in the garden. Best known for their contemporary Asian-inspired European cuisine, they are always so crowded throughout the day. If you haven’t know, they have recently become halal-certified as well. In line with the festival, The Halia will be offering their signature Chilli Crab Spaghettini as well as a Banana & Almond Drink at only $30++!

Banana & Almond Drink
This was really filling with the banana and almond blending really well with one another. A nutritious drink that you should totally check out!

Chilli Crab Spaghettini
Pasta was well-cooked to achieve a great texture. It was flavourful, not too spicy and generous chunks of crab meat. Big portion as well!

3) Casa Verde
This is another casual Italian restaurant which I was really impressed about during the last heritage trail. I really love the outdoor seating (relaxing and really close to nature – spot birds flying around)! Besides offering popular Italian classics with a twist, Casa Verde also serves classic breakfast. For this Heritage Festival, they will be offering a Heritage Set that comes with Seafood Mee Goreng, Pandan Jelly with Aloe Vera & Calamansi and a choice of drink at only $20 NETT! Oh yes, their popular Beef Rendang Pizza will be priced at only $25 NETT too! Now, I’m excited!

Honestly, the food looks and tastes really yummy. Could already smell the aroma a distance away. And the portion is really generous!

Beef Rendang Pizza
Pizza has a nice crust and the beef was well-cooked – tender and flavourful!

Pandan Jelly with Aloe Vera & Calamansi
This dessert was refreshing, and it was not too sweet. Squeeze some lime for a subtle sour kick!

Seafood Mee Goreng
The noodles were full of wok-hei flavour and they were really generous with the portion of seafood. So good I wanted to have another portion of it. Highly recommended!

4) The Garage
If you’re looking for a nice place for brunch or a romantic place to surprise your spouse, you might want to check out the beautiful Garage! There’s two concept within here, with Bee’s Knees – A cafe concept that serves all-day breakfast and Botanico –  A contemporary bistro bar offering a seasonality-driven menu. Like the rest of the restaurants in the garden, they have also come out with a special menu for the festival!

They will also be having a DIY Cocktail Program on 30 June, 1st July, 7th July and 8th July where you’ll be gaining bartending insights from their mixologist, Ruzaini as well as create your very own cocktail!

Chendol Colada 
This cocktail was not too bad. Alcohol was not too strong and the drink was not too sweet. Quite the refresher! A good twist to our popular dessert Chendol!

Three lovely dishes are created for the special occasion, mainly Seabass Ceviche, Crispy Baby Squids and Pandan Pancakes.

Seabass Ceviche // $17++
A very creative interpretation of Assam Laksa, this Seabass Ceviche was very appetising. That sweet-sour-spicy combination just hooks you and you just can’t stop eating.

Crispy Baby Squid // $13++
They were well-fried, crispy and not too oily. Dip it with the rich Salted Egg Sauce for maximum pleasure!

Pandan Pancakes // $14 NETT
Pancakes were really soft and fluffy. It also has a nice subtle pandan aroma. Paired with a classic Vanilla ice cream drizzled with Gula Melaka sauce, this is a great way to end the meal. Sweet tooth confirm fixed!

5) Food for Tots
Another new addition to the garden family, Food for Tots is a self-service kids cafe that believes that kids can help themselves, other kids and the word. That means the menu here is very family-friendly and there’s engaging activities for the kids to do and learn. They have also come out with two special dishes for the festival: Sweet Potato Fries with Kaffir Lime Mayo and Pancake with Banana Marmalade & Coconut Ice Cream. I mean which kids doesn’t love the both of them?

Banana Marmalade & Coconut Ice Cream // $15 NETT
Pancakes were really soft and fluffy. Oh yes, the Banana Marmalade was to die for which complemented the pancakes really well. Of course, the coconut ice cream was ?

Sweet Potato Fries with Kaffir Lime Mayo // $8 NETT
This is going to be one of the hot favourite among the kids. Sweet Potato Fries were really crispy and it goes super well with the in-house Kaffir Lime Mayo sauce! Super addictive!






Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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