You’ll never experience a boring meal at Beast & Butterflies because the creativity never ends. Executive Chef Bryce has so many tricks/surprises up his sleeves, he (and his creations) never fails to catch us off guard, in a good way. Recently, Beast & Butterflies unveils a brand new menu that concentrates mainly on ModSin cuisine, bound to tantalise your taste buds. Expect to see unique dishes such as Roast Duck Chawamushi, Kampong Sauce Barramundi, Wok-Fried Mala Chicken Rice, Rojak Ice Cream with Toast and many more. Don’t worry! Popular dishes such as Lobster Porridge (my favourite) will still be in the new menu. The only thing to worry about is probably choosing what to order because it was really hard for us to choose a favourite (we all had differing opinions and each dish has its own unique selling point). So, jio more friends along (the more the merrier) to Beast & Butterflies and be prepared for a gastronomical experience. Trust me, you guys are in for a serious treat ?

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As you can see from the #flatlay, the new dishes are all very well thought of and nicely presented. You tell me lah, how to choose what to order? So, the best solution is to jio more friends so you guys can order more to share!

P/s: Gonna be shameless for this time round but don’t you think this photo is Shutterstock standard? Haha, just kidding!

Crunchy Greens // $14
This dish is a no stranger to people who are into Japanese cuisine. The icy plant was crunchy and very refreshing. Dip it into the the Wasabi-Sesame Miso sauce for maximum pleasure. What a great appetiser this is!

Roast Duck Chawamushi // $8
Honestly, this was one of the better rendition of Chawamushi I’ve tasted. It was so soft that it literally melts in the mouth). Shredded duck was well-roasted and has a nice charred flavour. Definitely a MUST-TRY!

Torched Ginger Oil Salmon Carpaccio // $26
First of all, this dish was so nicely presented we could hardly bear ourselves to dig in. Didn’t know avocado and salmon go so well together because I just kept going bite after bite. Seriously, this dish got us all HOOKED! Also, loving the other complements such as sliced shallots and garlic chips which added an extra crunch to the overall dish.

Spicy Boneless Beef Ribs // $38
The beef ribs were well-cooked to achieve a great texture; very tender and juicy. Loving the Spicy Chives Chimichuri with Crispy Shallots atop of the beef because they added an extra crunch and flavour to the flavoursome beef. Beef-lovers will fall in love with this dish!

Moo Yang // $36
This Iberico Pork Collar was well-grilled and has a really nice subtle charred flavour. There wasn’t any strong pork flavour (spices covered it well). Pork collar wasn’t too tough and dip it in the special Thai sauce for a sweet-spicy sensation.

Kampong Sauce Barramundi // $26
Barramundi was well-cooked; there’s no fishy taste and it has a great texture. The Kampong Sauce (which I deduce to be Assam Laksa Sauce) paired really well with the fish. Sweet-sour-spicy combination was perfect! I’m definitely coming back for this again!

Chinese Wine Roasted Chicken Roll // $18
This is like a dismantled jigsaw puzzle, but the difference is that each element tastes as good as on its own. I really love the cold jaded noodles; the texture was really nice and the sauce on the pasta was too addictive. The crispy lotus root on the side was such a great complement, adding an extra crispiness to the dish. Chicken in the middle was well-roasted with wine; thus explaining the subtle wine aroma in the chicken itself.

Wok-Fried Mala Chicken Rice // $16
Some attention must be given to the perfectly cooked egg. Can you see how the egg yolk is flowing like nobody’s business? Rice was fragrant with a subtle mala flavour. The Fried Kai Lan was damn good lah! Simple dish but very memorable!

Mango Pomelo Sago Coco // $18
This is like everything I liked perfectly mixed into a bowl. Hidden within the Vanilla Ice Cream are mango pomelo sago and 100% coconut pudding. Drizzle some Gula Melaka powder (on the side) into the dessert to enhance the flavour. Perfect dish for a hot sunny afternoon.

Sweet Purple Potato Mont Blanc // $14
Okay, this is legit like a piece of art which I couldn’t bear to FORK it away. The dessert standard at B&B has definitely up by more than a notch these few years and this Mont Blanc definitely blew us away visually. Sweet Potato flavour was really rich and its best to pair it with the coconut gelato hidden within it. This dessert was not too sweet and not too jelat! Remember to snap a photo before digging in!

Rojak Ice-Cream Toast // $24
Here comes one of the highlight of B&B’s new menu – Rojak Ice Cream Toast. Many people have been asking me if the combination was weird but NO IT’S NOT! This was da bomb! Shrimp Paste Sauce was really fragrant and flavour; and it goes really well with the toast. The fruits such as mangoes and apples not only added an extra sweetness to the toast but also balance off the jelatness. Oh yes, not forgetting the ice cream inside the toast which is simply irresistible!

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Nearest Mrt Station: Clarke Quay/Chinatown
Location:  90 Robertson Quay, Level 1, Singapore 238259
What To Order: Moo Yang,Barramundi, Beef, and ALL DESSERTS
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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