Even before Putien was awarded Michelin One Star in 2016, it was already a household name in Singapore. Known for their quality ingredients and humble cooking techniques, the queue at Putien never seems to die down at all (best to come during off-peak hours and even so, it’s not guaranteed that there will be no queue). I’ve known Putien for many years now (lost count) and it is still one of my favourite places for a good family meal even up till today. What I also liked about Putien is that they will always have a seasonal special menu that concentrates on a particular ingredient and from April-August, they have unveiled 8 new CLAM-licious dishes (all cooked differently), in line with the Duo Tou Clam season.

P/s: The Duo Tou Clams are so popular that they were sold over 50 tons worldwide in 2017!

The Duo Tou Clams are known to be distinctively unique in appearance and taste. They are also very plump and sweet! I’ll be sharing the eight special clam dishes as well as Putien’s signatures in this article! Are you ready for a CLAM-licious sensation?

Chilled Duo Tou Clam in Fermented Wine // $22.80
The clams were really sweet and juicy. Love the subtle wine aroma and flavour which enhanced the sweetness of the clams!

Deep Fried Duo Tou Clam // $22.80 (S) & $31.80 (M)
They were fried to perfection, thus achieving a nice crispiness. It was also not too oily and honestly, this was fine without any condiments. Addictive too!

Baked Duo Tou Clam on Hot Plate // $19.90 (S) & $29.80 (M)
This was so good I didn’t want to share with anybody else! Clams were really plump, juicy and sweet. The texture of the clams were really good as well. A must-order!

Steamed Duo Tou Clam with Wine // $22.80 (S) & $31.80 (M)
The wine aroma and flavour is really distinct in this dish as compared to the chilled version. Some people may find the wine flavour to be a little strong for them but it was alright for me. Clams were really sweet and the broth was very flavourful!

Duo Tou Clam Soup with Tofu Meatballs // $19.80 (S) & $29.80 (M)
The broth was really rich and flavourful, soaked with the sweetness of the clams. I need a bowl of rice NOW! Slurping good!

Stir-Fried Duo Tou Clam with Ginger and Spring Onion // $19.80 (S) & $29.80 (M)
This dish was not too bad! Clams were well-cooked and again, very sweet!

Duo Tou Clam Omelette // $19.80 (S) & $29.80 (M)
Oh my! The egg really goes very well with the clams but I thought it was a tad salty if you eat this dish on its own. Probably need to order a bowl of rice to go with it.

Steamed Duo Tou Clam in Minced Garlic // $19.80 (S) & $29.80 (M)
If you love garlic, you will probably love this dish. Personally, I felt the garlic was overpowering the sweetness of the clams. Might want to tone down on the amount of garlic used in this dish but again, it still boils down to personal preference.

Other than their seasonal Duo Tou Clam special, here are some other popular dishes you MUST order at Putien!

100 Second Stewed Yellow Croaker // $13.80pc
The broth was light, clear yet flavourful. Fish was well-stewed with a nice melty texture. There wasn’t any fishy taste at all!

Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon // $9.50 (S) & $19.00 (M)
This is one of the dishes that I’ll always order when I’m in Putien. Noodles are well stir-fried and full of wok-hei flavour. This can get addictive as well.

PUTIEN Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychee // $13.90 (S) & $20.80 (M)
The sauce is so good lah. It has a good balance of sweet and sour; not too jelat as well. Meat was not dry at all.

Stir-Fried Yam // $13.50 (S) & $20.20 (M)
This is my favourite dish at Putien. The yam are perfectly fried and I literally can’t stop myself from finishing everything. Given a choice, I’ll just order this for myself. Selfish but I’m #sorrybutnotsorry! If you haven’t try them yet, you need to visit Putien!




Nearest Mrt Station: Farrer Park
Location: 127 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208514
What To Order: Duo Tou Clam Special
Restaurant: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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