Being the first hotel in Singapore to bring in the ‘Loft’ concept, Studio M is back to impress again with their brand new hipster outdoor bar, Bugis Cafe. Inspired by the nostalgic and iconic Bugis Street back in the 1950s, Bugis Cafe attempts to re-create and re-present the essence of Bugis Street in its heyday, and at the same time, incorporating modern elements into it as well. Unlike other typical/boring outdoor bars in Singapore, I was very intrigued by the design of the cafe, particularly the way they presented Singapore in the older days. They have wine barrel tables with beautiful Peranakan tiles, rickshaws seats, bicycle wheels and many more. On top of that, the cafe will also be offering an extensive menu of popular and affordable local dishes (the food are all interestingly named too) such as Tok Kong Laksa, Chick On Stick (Satay), The Chicken’s Rollin’ (Chicken Rice Sushi) and the list just goes on! Complete/Enhance your experience by pairing your food with local craft beers such as SG Blonde Ale and Ki Siao Brown Ale! So, what are you waiting for? Unwind all your stress away with good food, good drinks, good vibes and good company at the new hipster bar in town! Haha, if you are lucky enough, you can still spot a few stars above you!

P/s: For those looking for a place to take your OOTDs, Bugis Cafe is nothing short of perfect. We took some shots at the bar as well (showing you at the end of the blog post)!

Definitely the perfect place for the millennials/corporates/expats/tourists to chill with their family, friends or colleagues. For sure, I’m going to bring my overseas friends here for some awesome local treats!

Kam Heong Chick // $10
Popcorn Chicken Tossed with Curry Powder, Curry Leaf & Dried Shrimp
Take them away from me please because this popcorn chicken is extremely addictive! They were well-seasoned with curry powder and fried to perfecti0n. Once you popped one in, it’s hard to stop!

Just Spam La // $10
Sliced Spam Chip Tossed with Curry Leaf & Chilli Padi
This must be one of the better rendition of spam fries I’ve ever come across! Like the popcorn chicken, this spam chips were well-seasoned, crispy and super addictive! Now, where’s my iced cold beer?

Chick On Stick // $12
Grilled Chicken skewer with Satay Sauce (5 Sticks)
The chicken satay was well-grilled to achieve a nice texture; tender and not dry at all. Dip it in the home-made satay sauce for maximum pleasure!

Wah! Hot Chick // $10
Spicy Chicken Wing with Thai Chilli Sauce (6 Pieces Mixture of Drumlet & Mid Joint)
Best bar bite ever! I mean fried chicken is always a must order when it comes to drinking with your friends. The wings were well-marinated with Thai Chilli Sauce and it was super crispy! Definitely ordering this again when I’m back!

Hou Yu Pi // $10
Fried Fish Skin Tossed with Szechuan Spice
This was my least favourite of all! Fish skin wasn’t well-seasoned and I would have loved it to be even crispier!

“Belly-Nice’ Pork // $12
Braised Pork Belly with Rice
The Pork Belly is extremely fatty (definitely can appeal to some crowd) and it is well-braised. The Tau Pok was really yummy!

Trio Golden Cups // $5
Chicken in Kueh Pie Tee
I love Kueh Pie Tee and I’m absolutely loving Bugis’s rendition too. Instead of the typical Kueh Pie Tie fillings, they replaced it with Satay Chicken. Darn good sia!

“Curry Your Favour” // $12
Chicken with Choice! Curry Chicken with Roti Prata / Rice / Noodles
OMG! They have prata too? A word of advice: Order the roti prata because it goes really well with the robust and flavoursome curry!

Tok Kong Laksa // $12
Singapore Nyonya Laksa Noodle
The broth was flavourful but I thought it lack some saltiness. Noodles had a great texture though.

Silky Smooth Ayam // $12
Hainanese Chicken Rice with Braised Tau Pok
Rice was really fragrant and silky. Chicken was tender and I’m in love with achar! So good I wanted the recipe, haha!

The Chicken’s Rollin’ // $12
Fried Seaweed Chicken Rice Roll
Here comes the highlight of the day! Chicken Rice wrapped in Seaweed and fried to perfection. Loving the combination and so good, I ate like 3 of them! This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Like what I have mentioned at the beginning, it’s a great place to take OOTDs and hang out with friends. The prices of their food is SUPER DUPER reasonable! Nothing above $12!




Nearest Mrt Station: Fort Canning
Location: 3 Nanson Rd, Singapore 238910
What To Order: Popcorn Chicken, Just Spam Lah, Satay and Chicken Rice Sushi
Bar Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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