While Cuppage Plaza has its fair share of sleazy stories, the mall is actually home to many authentic and impressive Japanese restaurants. One of them is none other than the secretive and mysterious Kyoto-style private dining restaurant – Kappo Shunsui. For the first time ever, I had a difficult time locating the restaurant because there wasn’t any shop front or signage. In the end, I had to google and guess what? An image of an industrial-like door with a biometric scanner appeared. And to my biggest surprise, the restaurant was hidden behind that secret door. Apparently, VIPs will have their fingerprints registered for entry, while unregistered guests have to ring the doorbell to gain entry.

Kappo Shunsi has recently welcomed a brand new Executive Chef – Nishi Nobuhiro into their family, who has a vast experience and knowledge, having to hail from a six-generation family of Japanese chefs, and has previously worked in various Michelin-starred establishments in Japan. I was very honoured to have a 9-course Omakase prepared by him and I’ll be sharing with you the entire meal I had in this article. The price of the Omakase is steep ($250++ per person) but trust me, it was worth every single penny that you’ve forked out. From the ingredients to the execution, the experience was nothing short of AMAZING! 

 The 9 Course Omakase meal left me (and my stomach) very satisfied. I really love each and every presentation (plating was so nice) and sorry if I didn’t take really nice photos of the food because it’s best to eat each dish as soon as possible! The Japanese chefs are extremely particular about that!

Kickstarting the feast with an impressive appetiser that comes with 7 kinds of seasonal ingredients (from clockwise) – 1) Soy Bean, Japanese Mountain Peach and Japanese Corn, 2) Grilled Freshwater Eel, 3) Anti-aging Seaweed with Octopus and 4) A4 Kagoshima Beef Simmered with Peppercorn and Soy Sauce and Maguro Tataki. My favourites were the perfectly grilled Unagi (no fishy taste at all) and the super flavoursome and tender Kagoshima Beef.

Hidden under the fresh and juicy abalone is a generous portion of crab meat and rice soaked with starchy Dashi sauce. So good I finished it in no time.

The third course is a bowl of warm, comforting and flavourful soup served with Scallop Fish Cake Dumpling with Grilled Eggplant, Wintermelon and Carrot. Scallop Fish Cake was firm and has a really nice texture. This is definitely a nourishing bowl of soup.

And of course, the fifth course is none other than Seasonal Sashimi. You can get to eat 5 of them and they were really fresh. We got the Three Line Grunt (Isaki), Japanese Sea Bream (Madai), Amberjack (Shima Aji), Fatty Tuna (Ootoro) & Bafun and Murasaki Uni (as seen below)

Bafun and Murasaki Uni
I’m a huge fan of uni! They were super fresh and literally melts in the mouth. Secretly hoping the portion was a little bigger but good stuff comes in moderation, isn’t it?

The Japanese Sweet Fish was fried to perfection to achieve a nice crispy texture. It was not too oily and remember to dip it with a little bit of salt to enhance its sweetness.

This dish is a good PERK ME UP because the flavour (a mix of plum and vinegar) was really strong. Would have loved it even more if the flavour was not that strong. But the octopus were really well-cooked though – not too chewy!

OMG! The beef is simply irresistible! They were well-seasoned and well-cooked; tender and juicy (loving the sauce as well). The steamed Japanese Winter Melon was a great complement (balance out the heaviness of the beef).

If you are a beef lover, this Omakase is meant for you. And here comes the highlight of the entire meal – Generous portion of FISH ROE with Rice as well as Kumamoto Wagyu Claypot Rice. Even though I was so full, I had to finish these two bowl of heavenly goodness!

Ending the super satisfying Omakase with refreshing Ginger Pudding and Japanese Red Melon. Ginger Pudding was really tasty (cleanse off all the oiliness) and the Japanese Red Melon was darn sweet lah!

Nearest Mrt Station: Somerset
Location: 5 Koek Rd, #04-02 Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10
Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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