The stretch along River Valley and Robertson Quay is filled with nice restaurants and bars. These places get pretty packed during the evening with flocks of office people gathering for a drink or even for dinner. You can also find a great deal of expats dining in these restaurants as well. Adding to the list is a new modern European restaurant along Mohammed Sultan road – House Of MU which might be your next favourite hangout place after work. Other than serving really affordable contemporary European cuisine, you can also shop/buy Burmese teak furniture while waiting for your food or drinks. The tables and chairs in the restaurants are all available for purchase and most of them are made of wood (and hence the name of the restaurant, House of MU, with ‘MU’ referring to the Chinese character, 木). Oh yes, if you are looking for a place to surprise your date, House Of MU is definitely the right choice for a romantic dinner without having to spend a bomb. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the House Of MU for a feast sometime this week! Jio your loved ones along!

P/s: There’s FREE WiFi in the restaurant! Office people working around the area, you can chill and do your work here too!

Remember to get these freshly made breads ($8) to start. The breadsticks were really good by the way; super addictive!

Soup of the Day  (Cream of Mushroom) //$9
The mushroom soup was really rich and concentrated (but it was not too jelat). It was also not too oily and of course, I’ve to dip the freshly baked breads into the soup.

Pan Seared Scallops // $16 
These pan-seared French scallops had a very nice texture and they were really sweet. The cauliflower puree and fresh apple were great complements to the scallops, further enhancing their sweetness.

Linguine + Aglio Olio Base Sauce + Vongole // $18 
At House Of MU, you get to create your very own risotto/pasta at only $12! You can select your own base: tomato or aglio olio, or you can add an extra $6 for black ink and truffle cream. Also, you can add extra ingredients to complement your pasta:  Veg Lover (+$5), Chicken Breast (+$5), Vongole (+$6), Crayfish (+$6) and Bacon (+$6). The linguine was well-cooked to achieve a nice texture, sauce was flavourful and not too spicy, and they were really generous with the portion of Vongole served.

Risotto + Truffle Cream Base Sauce + Crayfish with Milk Foam // $24 
This is one beautiful risotto worth replicating. Risotto was well-cooked to achieve a nice al-dente texture and the truffle flavour was really strong. It was really creamy but not too jelat. Crayfish was not too bad! I would totally come back for this again!

MUnster Platter (4 pax) // $138
This is definitely a MONSTER platter. I was shocked when the whole platter was served onto our table! OMG, it’s a meat galore (meat-lovers will go insane after seeing this). In this platter, you can find 1) Prime cuts of Ribeye Steak with Bearnaise Sauce, 2) Chicken, 3) US Pork Tenderloin, 4) Grilled Lamb, 5) Smoked Cheese Sausage, and 6) Roasted Vegetables and Baby Potatoes, served with black pepper sauce. Really don’t know where to start but I can say this platter goes really well with any alcoholic beverages. Meats were all nicely done (special mention to the non-gamey grilled Lamb and the flavourful Steak). This is a MUST-TRY!

Dessert Platter // $48
Another reason why my eyes popped – this dessert platter from House Of MU took my breath away. All my favourite desserts are found here and it’s hard to choose where to start. You can find an assortment of Macaron (matcha flavour one OMG), Creme Brulee, Bittersweet Chocolate Ice-Cream, Oreo Cake with Hazelnut Cream, Raspberry Granita and Frozen Peanut Butter Popsicle! Happiness is when you can eat a platter like this!




Nearest Mrt Station: Fort Canning Park
Location: 11 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 239010
What To Order: Meat & Dessert Platter
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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