Nesuto has claimed the TOP SPOT in my list of dessert cafes to visit in Singapore. Their French entremets have never disappoint, and I’m always looking forward to their High Tea Set. After their delicate Cherry Blossoms High Tea Set in April, they are back again with a brand new (totally different look) High Tea Set – Stairway to Heaven which is a FEAST for the eyes. Available from now till end of October, this elegant High Tea Set comes with 3 different tiers, a choice of tea and my favourite scones at only $45.90 for 1 pax, and $24.90 for the 2nd pax. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to make a reservation way beforehand because Nesuto is always fully-booked (from previous experience). So, time to treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable afternoon tea with Nesuto.

P/s: Is it weird that I’m already excited for what’s to come for Christmas? Can’t wait to see what tricks/surprises Nesuto has up its sleeves this coming December!

SEE, SEE! Isn’t the new High Tea Set from Nesuto very different from their previous ones? Okay, there’s only one thing that’s similar – They are all very pleasing to the eyes. Me and my cousin were snapping photos away when this landed on our table. Oh yes, loving that fruity Peach tea we got to pair with our pastries. Life’s really awesome and we walked home with a very satisfied stomach!

Before I go on and show you guys the new High Tea Set, I’m going to flaunt one of the photos I took at Nesuto the other day. Not bad right? I’m gonna give myself a pat on the shoulders. Maybe you can try creating this shot when you’re there for the High Tea too:)

Scones with Mascarpone & Homemade Berry Compote
Always amazed at the quality of Nesuto’s scones even though I had it a few times. They have refined their recipe making the scones more flavourful. Also, loving their sweet-sour combination homemade Berry Compote which complemented the scones so damn well. If can don’t share, I don’t share. haha!


Brie Quiche
Hmm.. this was so so good! It has a really nice herb aroma and the texture was just right. An awesome start to the high tea!

Grilled Caramel Poulet
Salad was well-dressed with roasted goma, and the chicken was soft and tender. Not too bad!

Tomato Cheese Bowl
Okay, the cherry tomatoes were really sweet and I love the balsamic glaze on it. They paired really well with one another. Sesame Basket was fragrant and crispy, and the cream cheese was not too jelat. What a great combo!

Smoked Norwegian Salmon Croissants
This was not too bad. Simple croissant paired with fresh salmon. I guess this is one of the dishes to make you more filling.


Haha! This is the layer that I was anticipating the most! Look at it! Why so Chio?

Jasmine Panna Cotta
This tea-infused Panna Cotta was fragrant, and super soft (literally melts in the mouth). The chocolate sea salt Streusel added an extra flavour to the overall dessert. Also, it was not too sweet and that’s a BONUS!

Yuzu Tart
Oh my! This YUZU TART is LOVED! Love the strong yuzu aroma (with a slight sour aftertaste) and that perfectly done crust. Really nothing to complain about this!

‘Rose’ Tart
I bet all the girls will fall in love with this instantly. Rose flavour was really aromatic and alluring. It wasn’t too artificial. I liked it as well!

Because I’m a huge chocolate fan, I loved these to the core! Chocolate was super rich and concentrated. So good I totally forgot that there was banana inside. This is GOOD!

So, remember to make a reservation to avoid any disappointment. If I were you, I’ll book it ASAP before it’s gone in end October!




Nearest Mrt Station: Tanjong Pagar
Location: 53 Tras St Singapore 078992 Tras Street, 078992
What To Order: Stairway to Heaven
Cafe Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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