Duxton Hill is best known for its wide array of bistro bars, and an area where many working professionals will hangout after work. From Korean BBQ, Spanish Tapas, Mexican bars to Japanese restaurants, the choices are endless. Situated at the end of Duxton Hill, there’s actually a NEW hidden gem that stood out amidst tough competition. Uniquely serving modern JapSin fusion dishes, SG Taps has quickly rose up to my top-spot of “to-go bistro bars” in Singapore. You would never expect this cosy Japanese hideout to be serving popular local classics such as Yong Tau Foo, Chicken Rice and LAKSA PIZZA??!! Yup, having to stay in Singapore for 19 years, the owner of SG Taps – Norihito Hirose has successfully incorporated Singaporean elements into his Japanese dishes, and the combination is just mind-blowing! Oh yes, you can also find Crocodile Meat over here! Don’t panic because it’s well-cooked and you wouldn’t even know you’re eating crocodile meat unless someone told you. On top of that, the experience at SG Taps won’t be complete without pairing your food with the many craft beers offered at the restaurant. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your friends/colleagues to SG Taps for an awesome JapSin experience and trust me, it will not be your last visit!

Hmm.. looking at this picture now is making me very hungry again. Loving how each Singaporean dish is perfectly fused with Japanese element. A place you MUST check out, especially the Yong Tau Foo, Laksa Pizza and Chicken Rice. So darn good lah!

Yong Tau Foo Oden // $12
Oh my! Best thing to have during a chilly weather! The Dashi broth was flavourful, refreshing and has a subtle Yuzu aftertaste. Also, they were really generous with the ingredients – super filling for me. My favourite has to be the lotus root stuffed with egg and minced meat. Dip it into the savoury sauce for maximum pleasure!

‘Amami’ Style Chicken Rice // $13
This is killing me because I’m loving their interpretation of our popular Chicken Rice. Beautifully incorporating Japanese elements into it, this is definitely a MUST-TRY! I repeat MUST TRY! The broth was especially refreshing, not too oily and goes really well with the well-cooked rice. Chicken was very tender!

Laksa Pizza // $16
Mad mad love for this! Laksa flavour was really distinct in the pizza but not too overwhelming. It wasn’t too spicy and I loved the tau pok and shrimp on the pizza. So good I took some back home for my mum to try and she LOVES it! Pizza crust was crispy!

Healthy Chicken Gyoza // $8
Because Singaporean are getting increasingly health-conscious these days, this dish is created for these group of people. Haha, honestly I can’t tell the difference because it’s still yummy. Have it while it’s hot and dip it with the savoury-spicy sauce!

W.A.N.I // $23
Honestly, I wouldn’t know I’m eating crocodile meat unless someone told me. The texture tastes really similar to chicken, except perhaps it’s more tender than chicken. Or maybe the seasoning was so good I couldn’t tell? You got to try it to find out for yourself. This is an awesome bar bite! Now, I need my beer!

Raindrop Cake
I know I’m very suagu but I have never tried a ‘raindrop cake’ before. Instead of calling it a cake, the texture is more of a jelly. Simple but yet so tasty. The sweet sauce makes it even better.

Aren’t you tempted? Save this place on your calendar and be sure to check them out with your friends soon! Prices are very friendly too:)




Nearest Mrt Station: Tanjong Pagar/Chinatown
Location: 13 Duxton Hill, #01-01, Singapore 089597
What To Order: Laksa Pizza, Chicken Rice, Crocodile Meat and Yong Tau Foo
Bar Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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