I have always been a HUGE fan of Plank Sourdough Pizza and Baker & Cook for the same reason – sourdough! Not only tasty, it is essentially healthier and easily digestible. Imagine my excitement when I heard about their new burger joint – Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers! ‘Cue ? and screaming!’

Situated within the private Greenwood Avenue estate, this new hipster burger joint (as the name suggests) specialises in sourdough burgers at a very reasonable price. You can also pair your burgers with addictive sides such as Curly Fries, Sweet Potato Fries (my fav) and many more. On top of that, you can satisfy your ‘BOOZE’ cravings at the restaurant as well.

Despite being located at such a ulu (remote) area, I’m more than willing to travel to the west, brave the sun and hike up the steep slopes just for them. Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers definitely warrants a re-visit!

Psst! This place is really an awesome chill out spot with your friends during the weekends! ?

It’s easy to spot Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers with its striking and bold neon-coloured signage!

Like what I’ve said earlier, the place is really chill and it’s perfect for you to hang out with your friends over burgers and booze!

At the same time, you can see how your burgers are made. Oh yes, the burgers are damn HUGE! They also have a condiment section where you can get FREE FLOW sauces, pickles and onions!

Chocolate Shake // $10
The best way to beat the heat – an iced cold Chocolate shake! Blended with soft serve, this drink was really rich but not overpowering (jelat).

Lemmony Lemon // $6
No booze? It’s okay! The organic fizzies at Mo & Jo are good enough! Got ourselves the refreshing Lemmony Lemon to pair with our hearty burgers! Loving that sweet-sour combo which gets you hooked pretty quickly!

Naughty CCC // $18
Besides being VERY visually appealing, this Naughty CCC which is made of Crumbed and Fried Chicken Breast, Camembert and Cranberry Sauce is so GOOD, it’s killing me! The sourdough buns were really soft and I love the slight crisp from the bread crumbs. Fried chicken was fried to perfection – well-marinated, crispy and not too oily! The camembert and cranberry sauce complemented the chicken really well with a salty-sweet combination. The combo was so good it’ll get you addictive on your first bite. I’m definitely coming back for this again! Warning: Burger is MASSIVE, thus would recommend the ladies to share (unless you’re a big-eater).

Sweet Potato Fries
Of course, what’s a good burger without a good side? Got my fav Sweet Potato Fries to munch on and as you can see, they were really generous with the portion. No need to dip them into any condiments because they are already good on their own!

Holy Smoke // $19
Beef-lovers, you will fall in love with this burger instantly! Made of beef patty, smoked bacon, caramelised onion, house mayo and house BBQ sauce, this burger to die for. As you can see from the pictures, the beef patty was really tender and juicy, and that smoked bacon placed atop the beef patty was just perfect. Calories are high but trust me, it’s so damn worth it! Note: Thankfully, I didn’t get any sides for this burger because it was so filling. Very value-for-money!




Nearest Mrt Station: Tan Kah Kee
Location: 8 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289198
What To Order: Naughty CCC and Holy Smoke
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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