Almost a year since my last visit to Fat Belly and I’m so glad to see this Steak-Dessert House doing so well – fully packed on a Thursday night. Well, they definitely deserve the attention and love from the public for their amazing creations. Tucked within Serene Centre, Fat Belly is Singapore’s first speakeasy-style steakhouse!

To further elevate the experience of diners, Fat Belly has recently rolled out a special ‘Alternative Steak Experience’ whereby lesser-known cuts (or what I call not-your-typical boring cuts) will surprise all die hard traditional steak-cut fans. This special menu is carefully curated by the owners and I must say, I really enjoyed myself and it’s a meal I’ll remember for long.  So, what are you waiting for? Get your cravings for steak all sorted out at Fat Belly. You can save the hassle (and money) of travelling around ?

Are you ready for an ‘Alternative Steak Experience’? I think you will be after looking at this photo collage. It’s really good and you can tell when you see them fully booked! Better to call them to make a reservation so you can witness your meals being prepared and take in the amazing aromas of meat sizzling on the pans, and admire the chefs at work while they prepare your food with the highest level of dedication. Oh yes, Fat Belly is an open-kitchen concept!

Pre-Dinner Starter
Kickstarting the meal with crispy and lightly-seasoned Japanese rice crackers that is sprinkled with beef salt. Simple but super addictive. If they are selling this, I’ll be the first one to buy them.

Foie Gras Creme Brulee
I don’t usually like to eat Foie Gras because of it’s strong (to some pungent) flavour but this was alright for me. It has a similar texture and taste to that of a cheesecake (probably because of the creme brûlée). It was soft and moist. Definitely a great sweet-savoury combination!

Skewered Wagyu Beef Intercoastal
This Wagyu Beef Skewer has a really nice charcoal aftertaste and it was super flavoursome. It was tender and juicy, and that Chimmicurri sauce is such a great complement, further enhancing the flavour of the beef.

Char Siew of Tajima Beef
We were all mind-blown by this dish. It did not taste anything like beef but legit Char Siew (pork). Marinated with Asian sauces and spices, this Tajima Beef was flavourful, tender and super juicy. I really like the charred caramelised crust and to those who dislike beef, you got to try this! Trust me, it’s mind-blowing! P/s: Eat it with the kale for maximum pleasure:)

Gouda Wagyu Slider
Hmm, freshly ground wagyu meat sandwiched between soft handmade potato buns prepared simply with a dollop of sundried tomato pesto sauce and melted Gouda cheese is LOVED! Beef patty was really tender and juicy but I would have loved it even more if the buns were less oily!

Complimentary Passionfruit Sorbet
Before we were served with our mains, the Chef was really nice to give us a complimentary Passionfruit Sorbet to cleanse our palette. It was very refreshing and not overly sweet. Wah, now can tackle the mains liao! hahaha!

Marble Score 8 Grilled Tajima Tri-Tip
Here comes the highlight of the night! Marinated in herb oil and charcoal grilled to impart a smoky flavour to the meat, this steak was really strong in flavour and super tender. It was easy to eat (not very chewy) and the flavour just burst with every bite. The  creamy pumpkin puree and almond beans were really good as well! Wow, impressive indeed!

Molten Chocolate Cake
Finally ending the meal with a super satisfying Molten Chocolate Cake. Hidden within the soft and moist Chocolate Lava Cake lies  a sweet-sour raspberry sauce which goes really well with the addictive housemate vanilla cinnamon gelato. One word to describe it – SHIOK!

Other than the Alternative Steak Experience, you can also order ala-carte dishes such as Truffle Fries (a must to have) and USDA 150 day Grain Fed Angus Flat Iron Steak!

Truffle Fries
They are super generous with the portion man! ADDICTIVE and a must to have!

USDA 150 day Grain Fed Angus Flat Iron Steak
The Signature at Fat Belly that all Steak-lovers should try!




Nearest Mrt Station: Botanic Gardens
Location: 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre #01-04 Singapore 258748
What To Order: Alternative Steak Experience and Matcha Ice Cream
Cafe Rating: 3/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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