I’m reaching the age where all my friends around me are getting married. Let’s be honest – the story behind every touching proposal always has a lot of careful planning, sleepless nights and parting with a lot of money. If you’re planning to have a romantic proposal, I might just have the perfect venue for you to pop that special question! Located on the 43rd storey of Ocean Financial Centre, Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge Singapore is what they call Italian dining at its best. Enjoy the panoramic view of Singapore with your special someone over carefully-curated modern Italian dishes and high-grade wines. He/she will definitely be so impressed that a YES will be inevitable ?

To spice things up a little, the popular and romantic Italian restaurant welcomes a new Head Chef, Emanuele Faggi, who interned at the famed L’Albereta Resort led by the legendary late Chef Gualtiero Marchesi and worked in several established restaurants such as the 2-Michelin-starred Cracco Ristorante. With his immense experience and culinary abilities, Emanuele Faggi has revamped the menu at Zafferano, elevating the Italian dishes visually and creatively. Most importantly, the menu is priced reasonably.

So, still having troubles finding the perfect venue for your proposal? Look no further because Zafferano is the answer! Psst! You can make a reservation via www.quandoo.sg! It’s super convenient & easy:)

Besides the nice ambience and delicious food, the service at Zafferano was also top-notch. The staff that served us was really friendly and attentive. Definitely made our meal an even memorable one! P/s: The dishes I’m gonna share with you guys are new in their menu!

Started our meal with some pre-dinner snacks and here’s one of them – rice crackers which were lightly-seasoned and addictive!

Mad love for this dish! The foie gras with caviar was so good I didn’t want to share the other one with my friend. The flavour was not too overwhelming! Definitely a MUST-TRY!

Before we dived straight into our appetisers, we also got some homemade buns which were soft and moist.

raw red prawns from ‘Mazara’ served with warm ricotta, tomato confit, cocktail sauce espuma drizzled with basil oil
I was initially very sceptical about having raw prawns but this changed my perception. The prawn meat was soft yet crunchy, and it did not taste raw at all (very well-seasoned). Oh yes, remember to pair it with the super good and sweet tomato confit and the savoury ricotta. Best combo ever!

marinated salmon in beetroot juice, beetroot lime salsa, ‘salsa verde’, quinoa chips
I’m not a huge fan of beetroot but this was surprisingly delicious. Beetroot flavour wasn’t really that strong and the salmon had a nice texture (very melty). The quinoa chips on top adds an extra crunch to the entire dish.

raw Hokkaido Scallops sprinkled with dried capers powdertopped with avruga caviar and served with saffron sauce
Okay! This was really good! Not kidding but the Hokkaido scallops literally melts in the mouth. Very nice sweet-savoury combination!

ricotta and spinach ‘gnudo’ with baby squid in butter and sage
Another ingredient which I did not fancy at all – Spinach but Zafferano made it so well. Spinach and ricotta was mixed perfectly to give a really nice flavour and texture. It was not too jelat and goes really well with the lightly-seasoned baby squid. Warning: This is really filling!

‘super fino Camaroll Acquerello’ risotto from ‘Vercelli’ saffron, bone marrow, 24 karat gold leaf
OMG! I’m eating legit gold in this risotto. Risotto was well-cooked and has a really nice texture. It was also flavourful. Oh yes, one thing to note, the gold leaf doesn’t has any taste at all. Remember to get your camera ready; I mean you can’t eat gold everyday, right?

hand-crafted ‘bottoni’ filled with braised veal tongue ‘salsa verde’ fresh oyster, candied lemon, veal stock
This ‘bottoni’ was really flavourful and has a really nice texture. Oysters were really fresh too! Talking about generosity, this dish wins! Oh yes, the veal stock was such a great broth/sauce!

oven-baked black cod, vanilla scented green asparagus roasted potato purée
This Cod Fish is DAMN good lah! It was well-seasoned, flavourful and literally melts in your mouth. Mash was really good too, asparagus was crunchy and you know what! Everything was on point! I’m definitely ordering this again when I’m back at Zafferano. It’s that good!

sous-vide and pan-fried Queensland farm lamb loin roasted eggplant purée, sautéed bok-choy, coffee powder
The flavour of the lamb was a tad too strong for me (I don’t usually take lamb) but I believe if you’re a fan of lamb loin, this will be perfect for you. But I have to say the sautéed bok-choy was really nice!

150 days grain fed Black Angus beef tenderloin gratinated with liquorice and capers, celery root purée, leeks
This is definitely one of the highlight of my dinner at Zafferano. Beef was well-cooked, tender and super juicy. And did you see that green sauce on top of that beef? It elevates the flavour of the beef! So damn delicious!

roasted ‘Bresse’ pigeon, mixed berries, rosemary smoked white turnips
Oh my god! We were all stunned because we were going to eat PIGEON, for the very first time! The flavour and texture (meat was a bit tougher than chicken) was a bit weird for us at the beginning but it got better towards the end – probably have to do with the mixed berries which made the meat sweet and sour. And that plating is legit like a piece of art!

mascarpone cloud, Iranian saffron, sponge
This dessert has a mousse texture which melts in the mouth. It wasn’t too sweet and has a slight similarity to that of a tiramisu. Perfect dessert to have if your meal is as heavy as ours.

chocolate ‘cremino’, sponge, watermelon
Another refreshing dessert to end our hearty meal! Loving the combination from the sweet and crunchy watermelon, rich and creamy chocolate mousse and that soft and moist sponge cake. Life’s perfect with good desserts!

Not forgetting the delicious and not overly sweet passionfruit macaron!

Oh yes, I also took some photos of the interior and alfresco area of Zafferano. Most importantly, the view outside the restaurant is simply ? breath-taking!

Impressed? Wait no more? Make your reservation at Zafferano with www.quandoo.sg! Time to surprise your special someone!




Nearest Mrt Station: Raffles Place
Location: 10 Collyer Quay Level 43, Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315
What To Order: Hokkaido Scallops, Red Prawns, Beef, Risotto and Watermelon Dessert
Restaurant Rating: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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