The Bubble Tea craze in Singapore seems to be getting stronger and stronger each year with many interesting concepts hitting the market. From cheese-foam, fruit/tea-based, durian-flavoured to chrysanthemum pearls, Bubble Tea now comes in all shapes and flavours, and is considered as an essential to many. You can tell its popularity from the never-ending queue outside any Bubble Tea shop. Like any other people, I’m also a Bubble Tea fanatic and can drink up to 4 per week. So, here’s my TOP 8 picks to get your Bubble Tea cravings sorted out here in Singapore! Isn’t my face looking more like a pearl now? HAHA!

Have you been to these Bubble Tea places before?

1) MuYoo+
Singapore’s First-Ever Fresh Bread & Fruit Tea Concept Other than MUYOO’s fruit-based beverages that are delicately crafted in three ways: Cheese / Rose
Cloud Fruit Tea, Fun Fruit Tea, you can pair your drinks with freshly baked sweet and savoury breads!

Nearest Mrt Station: Bedok
Location: Bedok Mall, #01-94
What To Order: Savoury Breads and Bubble Teas (Matcha, Fruit Tea and Dirty series)

2) Teafolia
Refreshing Fruit TeasTeafolia will be celebrating their one year anniversary this September and to date, they have 3 outlets in Singapore – Tampines, Yishun and Bedok Mall! Known for serving premium fruit teas, they are a force to be reckoned with! Perfect during a hot sunny afternoon!

Nearest Mrt Station: Bedok, Tampines and Yishun
Location: 311 New Upper Changi Road #01-K1 Singapore 467360, 20 Tampines Central 1 #01-29/30
Singapore 529538, 311 New Upper Changi Road #01-K1 Singapore 467360

What To Order: Premium Teas

3) Bober Tea 
Instagram-worthy Bubble TeaThe new Bober Tea outside Bishan Mrt Station focused on providing affordable, high-quality and tasty blends of Tea with a Gist of local flavour inside. Drinks are extremely instagrammable!

Nearest Mrt Station: Bishan
Location: 200 Bishan Road #01-01 Singapore 579827
What To Order: Signature Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk & Matcha Strawberry Latte

4) Playmade by 丸作
Chrysanthemum Series with Chrysanthemum Pearls PlayMade by 丸作 originates from 丸作 Tainan, Taiwan and they pride ourselves in ensuring that everything is made by hand, and with all-natural ingredients. Pearls are all made in house! Their new Chrysanthemum series is so good that I’ve been back for like the fifth time! Recommended it to my friends and all of them LOVED it! They have also opened two new outlets in Ang Mo Kio and Serangoon!

Nearest Mrt Station: Tampines, Ang Mo Kio, Serangoon
Location: 10 Tampines Central 1 #01-59 Singapore 529536, Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-04 Singapore 569811, 23 Serangoon Central, NEX Shopping Mall #04-17 Singapore 556083
What To Order: Chrysanthemum series – Milk Tea and Yakult

5) R&B
The First to Unveil Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brûlée in Singapore
Slow cooked to perfection in R&B巡茶’s unique brown sugar, the soft and chewy pearls boast a caramelised note, and their aroma wafts through the air. The interior of the cup is also coated with a brown sugar glaze specially imported from Taiwan. Chilled fresh milk is then poured into the cup, creating a stunning visual that is reminiscent of a tiger’s bold stripes, hence inspiring the drink’s Chinese name: 老虎出巡. A layer of velvety and savoury cheese cream is then added on top. Finally, brown sugar bits are sprinkled and torched into a crisp, caramelised crust, adding another dimension of flavour and a crunchy texture to this one-of-a-kind drink.

Nearest Mrt Station: Bayfront, City Hall, Toa Payoh
Location:Marina Bay Sands, #B2-50 Canal Level (at Rasapura Masters) Singapore 018972, Marina Square @ Cookhouse, 6 Raffles Boulevard #04-101/102 Singapore 039594, Toa Payoh, 470 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 Singapore 310470
What To Order: Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brûlée

6) TaiGai
TaiGai is famed for using generous fresh fruits in their floral-scent teas and for its signature creation, the FRUITY MILKY KISS, a rich yet refreshing combination of blended fruits and velvety milk cheese crown that rests atop the fruit teas. The Strawberry Pulpy Kiss, a signature tea and the brand’s best-seller, has a strawberry-blended milk cheese crown to complement the premium tea.

Nearest Mrt Station: Serangoon
Location: NEX Serangoon, #B2-34, Singapore 556083
What To Order: Fruity Milky Kiss Series

7) HiTea Singapore
Premium D24 Durian Tea
Did you just say Durian-flavoured Bubble Tea? Yes, your ears aren’t playing tricks on you! HiTea Singapore Hi Tea Singapore, a local tea brand that specialise in cold brew teas and fruit teas has their rendition of Premium D24 Durian Tea which might sparked an interest in Durian fans! If you’re not into durian (me no like it), you can go for their Avocado Snow and Watermelon Snow!

Nearest Mrt Station: Orchard, Yishun
Location: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #01, 14B Singapore 228213, 1 Northpoint Drive, #01-127, Singapore 768019
What To Order: Premium D24 Durian Tea and Watermelon Snow

8) Teabrick 
First Kombucha Tea Bar in SingaporeThe new kid in town and not your conventional kind of bubble tea! With no added colouring and flavouring, the drinks from Teabrick is healthier, contains probiotic and antioxidants! Perfect for the health-conscious working crowd in the CBD!

Nearest Mrt Station: Raffles Place
Location: 3 Phillip St, 01-04 Royal Group Building, Singapore 048693
What To Order: Kombu-Matcha and Purple Yam Slushie





Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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