Siglap is one part of Singapore I haven’t been exploring much – reason being, it’s too ulu for me! Before you Easties start attacking me, hear me out! Travelling from Punggol to Siglap via public transport takes about an hour plus, and I have to change between bus and mrt several times. While I don’t deny there’s many great eats in the area, travelling all the way there just for a meal isn’t something I’m willing to do. BUT, I have found a reason to do so last weekend.

Hidden at a corner along East Coast Road, Good Time Eat Drink is a new casual restaurant that offers an extensive range of wallet-friendly and popular Asian favourites with a modern touch. It’s really easy to spot the restaurant, especially with its striking and bold play of colours; a stark contrast to the quiet Siglap neighbourhood. Think mouth-watering Asian fusion dishes such as Hurry! Hurry! Chicken Curry that comes with crispy Charcoal You Tiao, Good Time Carbonara (made using Mee Pok noodles) and many more! On top of that, Good Time Eat Drink has a strong Peranakan influence and you can see it in the outlook of the restaurant as well as the menu. In the evening, the restaurant transforms into a hipster drinking spot where you can unwind with your loved ones.

Besides being a family-friendly restaurant, pet-lovers are welcome to bring their furry friends to dine at the alfresco area of the restaurant too. So, is it worth a trip down to the East for Good Time Eat Drink? Definitely YES! You’ll be having such a GOOD TIME you wouldn’t want to go home! Bring more people because the food here needs to be shared!

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As you can see, they are really generous with the portion served! Best to come here with a group of friends so you guys can order different dishes to share! The more, the merrier and please bring along an EMPTY stomach before you come here!

With the weather being so unbearably hot these days, you need an icy cold and refreshing drink to cool you down! These mocktails from Good Time Eat Drink can definitely do the trick! You can either opt for the lemongrass one or the unique Assam flavoured drink! Both are equally good but personally I liked the Assam one!

Good Time Carbonara
Carbonara is one of my go-to comfort food and I’m absolutely loving this Asian-fusion rendition from Good Time! Made using Mee Pok, this dish is flavourful, creamy and not too jelat. Mee Pok had a really nice al-dente texture and it goes so well with the sautéed mushroom and crispy bacon. Even though the noodles were left on the table for a while, it was still as tasty without the noodles lumping together. Will I go back for this again? YES and YES!

Salted Fish & Clams Pasta
Not a huge fan of salted fish but this was alright for me. It wasn’t very strong and again, noodles were well-cooked to achieve a nice texture. And did you see the amount of clams they gave? Super generous of them! If you like Salted Fish, please remember to try this!

Fresh Sambal Seabass Fillet
Hmmm, this was super shiok lah! Seabass was really fresh (the meat falls off easily) and it was soaked with aromatic sambal flavour. There wasn’t any fishy taste at all. Definitely a MUST-TRY! Secretly hoping that they are selling the sambal sauce in the restaurant but I guess not:(

Homemade Kecap Manis & Nonya Achar
How can I forget this? Simple but so darn addictive! I can just order a bowl of rice with these two side dishes! It’s that good. Very well-marinated! You’ve got to try it to believe it!

Hurry! Hurry! Curry Chicken
Save the best for the last. This flavourful bowl of curry chicken comes with a pair of Charcoal you tiao and the combination is so so yummy! No wonder it’s their best seller over here! Curry was flavoursome, and the chicken was super tender. I’m also loving the super soft potatoes which literally melts in the mouth. Dip the crispy you tiao into the curry for maximum pleasure. Oh yes, remember to order a bowl of rice to go with this! Sauce is super ??


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Nearest Mrt Station: Bedok
Location: 889 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459092
What To Order: Fish, Carbonara and Curry Chicken
Restaurant Rating: 3.5./5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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