“Shall we head over to Duxton for a drink later after work?” This is probably the most common question that you’ll hear in any office conversations and I can very much relate to it. We all know Duxton Hill gets pretty exciting in the evening with people flocking to bars and pubs. Other than being known as the ‘drinking’ area, there’s actually a few restaurants that you can have a romantic meal with your spouse as well. And one of them is definitely the new and modern Japanese restaurant – RIZU Singapore.

With only 3 months into the F&B scene, this posh Duxton Hill enclave has been gaining quite the attention for its authentic and refreshing Omakase experience. Helmed by the talented and very experienced Japanese Head Chef Noboru Shimohigashi, expect to enjoy top-notch dishes such as Lobster Bisque, Wagyu Steak, Foie Gras and many more! Sashimi-lovers can also indulge in the selection of savoury fresh sushi rolls and mouth-watering sashimi. On top of that, you can pair your Omakase experience with Rizu’s extensive selection of limited and unique bespoke sake, carefully-curated by the owner, Hisamizu Takahashi.

Unlike most Omakase where you have to sit at the Chef’s table, you can, however, sit at your own comfort with your loved ones while enjoying the meal at RIZU. So, looking for a romantic place to impress/surprise your partner? Think no more because RIZU is an excellent choice! Trust me, it will be an intimate Omakase experience you’ll remember for life ?

So, I had their Special Omakase ($200) with my mum on Deepavali and honestly, it was an unforgettable experience for the both of us. Consisting of 11 carefully-curated dishes, me and my mum left the restaurant with a very satisfied stomach. P/s: The service was really ?? too!

Cauliflower Puree with Caviar
Kick-starting our meal with this exquisite Cauliflower Puree with Caviar that literally melts in the mouth. The cauliflower flavour wasn’t too overwhelming and I really liked the jelly on top of the puree. Of course, caviar completes the whole dish! Definitely a great start!

5 Kinds Tomato Salad
I’m a huge fan of tomatoes and this dish didn’t disappoint. With tomatoes coming from France and Japan, you can really taste the difference in texture in these 5 different tomatoes. But, they were all sweet and crunchy! Simple but so tasty!

Live Lobster and 4 Kinds Sashimi
OMG! This must be the prettiest Sashimi platter I’ve ever seen in Singapore. Sorry but first, let me take some photos of it. And you can tell that the sashimi were SUPER fresh (I kid you not, the lobster was still moving). Oh yes, they were also really generous with the portion because the sashimi were all THICK. Honestly, I don’t really need to dip them in any wasabi or soya sauce. This dish alone is already making the whole Omakase very worthwhile!

Lobster Bisque
This was extremely comforting because it was pouring so heavily during my visit. Soup was very rich and flavourful (you can really taste the prawns and lobster in it) and I’m loving the chunks of lobster meats in the soup. So good I wanted to have another bowl!

Foie Gras Sauce with Plum Sauce
Thank god the Foie Gras wasn’t too gamey and I thought the plum sauce was a really great complement (perfectly balances off the greasiness).

Made of Umeshu, this sherbet was so refreshing and it is served before the main course. I REALLY LOVED THIS btw!

Fish was perfectly grilled – no fishy taste and not oily at all. My mum loves this very much! Secretly hoping the fish is a tad bigger!

Wagyu A4 Striploin Steak (Sendai Beef)
Wagyu was tender and juicy. It was easy to eat and the sauce was really good. I’m a happy man!

Three Kinds Sushi
This was one of my favourite course at Rizu. Everything was so good and special mention to the sushi with the eel.

Seasonal Japanese Paella with Saury Fish and Miso Soup
Another OMG dish! Paella was very flavourful and the Saury fish was so good! Can I have another bowl please?

Yuzu Pavlova and Homemade Passionfruit Ice Cream
Ending the meal on the sweetest note with this irresistible Yuzu Pavlova and Homemade Passionfruit Ice Cream. You have sweet-sour combination in one plate! The passionfruit ice cream was ?




Nearest Mrt Station: Outram/Chinatown
Location: 39 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089617
What To Order: Special Omakase
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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