How about starting your day with a nostalgic and old school breakfast such as Yoo Tiao, Beancurd and Hum Chim Peng? You can now relive your fond childhood memories at the popular Malaysian-chain I LOVE YOO! which has opened their third outlet at Chinatown. Known for their wallet-friendly Singaporean-Malaysian delights, diners can expect to enjoy a wide array of mouth-watering dishes such as Mee Kantin, Pulut Bun, Dried Scallop Porridge, Hum Chim Peng, Yoo Tiao and many more! On top of that, they will also be having an attractive promotion this coming weekend where Limited Edition Yoo Tiao Plushie cushions will be going at ONLY $3 when you spend $15 and above in a single receipt (read on to see how adorable the Plushie cushions are). Special Chocolate flavoured Yoo Tiao will also be available from 8 – 9 Dec at ONLY $2!

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar and head down to I LOVE YOO! this weekend for a classic old school breakfast! Oh yes, remember to bring your parents/grand-parents along because I’m sure they will love the food as well!

Your traditional kind of breakfast which most of us are very familiar with. Comfort food that you can eat all day! They are also a good supper snack!

Yoo Tiao // $1.30
The Yoo Tiaos are all freshly made in the kitchen. It was crispy and not too oily! Dip it into a soya bean or bean curd for maximum pleasure! And that’s how you’re supposed to eat it!

Pulut Bun // $1.30
First time eating Yoo Tiao stuffed with glutinous rice and I’m like wondering how come? The combination (sweet-savoury) was really good and this reminded me of Mango Sticky Rice. A MUST-TRY!

Salty Fried Bun & Red Bean Bun// $1.30
Hum Chim Peng are my favourite breakfast/supper snack and it’s so hard to choose between the sweet or salty version. You know what? I’ll go for both! I LOVE YOO!’s rendition was so good – fried to perfection; crispy, fragrant and not too oily!

Dried Scallop Porridge // $3.00
Simple yet flavourful porridge for those seeking a light and healthier meal.

Fragrant Herbal Salted Chicken // $4.70
This was so damn good lah! Herbal flavour was not too overwhelming and the meat was so tender (falls off really easily). So tempted to order another portion of it! Highly recommended!

Mee Kantin // $5.00
What I always eat for breakfast when I’m in Malaysia visiting my relatives. Kan Lou Miao here is really flavoursome, saucy and the noodles have a nice texture. In love with the sweet chilli and crispy Fried Yoo Tiao. Definitely bringing my mum here for this! Value-for-money too!

Beancurd // $2.20
Best thing to have during a hot sunny afternoon (or when you’re feeling heaty). Smooth, light and mix it with brown sugar for maximum pleasure!

Highly recommended to get the All-day dining sets which are available from S$7.90 (Fragrant Herbal Salted Chicken, served with Dried Scallop Porridge along with a Dough Fritter)!

Some BTS photos at the kitchen!

And as promised, here’s the cute Yoo Tiao plushie you can walk home with on Saturday when you spend $15 in a single receipt!





Nearest Mrt Station: Chinatown
Location: 231 New Bridge Road Singapore 059435
What To Order: Yoo Tiao, Mee Kantin, Bean Curd, Herbal Chicken
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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