With Christmas only TWO weeks away, have you plan anything yet? If you’re planning to surprise or impress your spouse/date this festive occasion, I might just have the perfect venue for you! Famed for their succulent and premium steaks, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse Singapore has rolled out a special festive menu bound to make your Christmas this year a romantic and memorable one.

Available throughout December (except 24th, 25th and 31st), you can enjoy 1) Party Set Lunch Menu (3 courses) at SGD58++ per guest, 2) Party Set Dinner Menu A (4 courses) at SGD98++ per guest and 3) Party Set Dinner Menu B (4 courses) at SGD118++ per guest. Sounds like a great deal, isn’t it? Psst! If you’re holding a Christmas Party at home, you should consider looking at Wooloomooloo’s festive offerings (take-away) too, especially their mouth-watering Beef Wellington 😉

On top of that, the popular steakhouse has also introduced their NEWEST Weekend Surf & Turf Brunch which has a total of 5 course and it’s ONLY $68++ per person! Damn value-for-money lah! So, what are you waiting for? Time to make a reservation with Wooloomooloo Steakhouse before it’s all taken up! Oh yes, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the CBD inside the restaurant!

Looks good, isn’t it? Your date will definitely be impressed with the carefully curated set menu accompanied with a scenic view of the CBD! Service was top-notch as well!

Party Set Lunch Menu

Wooloomooloo welcomes their guest with this complimentary homemade bread that comes with salted butter. Bread was soft and moist and it goes really well with the salted butter. So good I asked for another serving!

We also got another complimentary appetiser before our starter! Avocado paired with fresh tuna tataki = Great Combination!

AppetiserBlue Swimmer Crab Cake
minted pea purée | saffron aioli | inure
Beautifully presented, Wooloomooloo was really generous with the crab servings! Cut that crab cake open and you’ll see firm shredded crab meats. It was flavourful and it paired really well with the minted pea purée. Definitely a great start to the meal!

 Main Course

Miso Glazed Atlantic Cod Fish
baby bok choy | yuzu truffle butter
My cousin was singing praises of the Cod Fish! It was well-cooked, flavoursome and had no fishy taste. Truffle was not too overwhelming and the fish had a subtle yuzu aroma. Oh yes, the baby bok choy took our hearts as well!


Grass Fed Australian Sirloin
duck fat roasted potatoes | wilted spinach | black peppercorn sauce
The sirloin was so GOOD! It was cooked to perfection – love the fat-meat ratio, it was tender and super juicy! Honestly, it was good on its own (don’t even need the black peppercorn sauce). And that wilted spinach really does ease off the greasiness!

Farmhouse Cheese

green apple | cherry jam | dried fig | toasted walnut bread
Cheese-lovers can opt for this assorted plate of cheese to end off your meal. Really damn value-for-money!


Warm Christmas Pudding
rum & raisin ice cream | brandy snap | vanilla sauce
What’s Christmas without a Christmas Pudding? Love the flavour of the pudding (not overly sweet) and it goes really well with the rum & raisin ice cream. I would choose this over the Farmhouse Cheese, anytime!

Now for brunch…


First CourseTrio of Oysters
ponzu | mignonette | chilli vinegar
Oyster-lovers should definitely start your brunch with these fresh, plump and juicy oysters!


Sautéed Tiger Prawn
sofrito | lobster cream | toasted garlic flakes
This was not too bad. Tiger prawn was fresh and crunchy. The sauce was pretty good as well!


Tuna Tataki
Japanese cucumber | yuzu dressing
Out of the 3, this was my favourite! Tuna Tataki was well-dressed with aromatic yuzu sauce. Paired with crunchy Japanese cucumber, this was very pleasurable to the taste buds!

Second Course
Oxtail Taco
pickled onions | chipotle mayonnaise
Didn’t get to try this but my friend said that the Oxtail was tender! If you love a good taco, you should go for this!


Duck Rilletes 
cornichons | toasted rye bread
This was not too bad (my friend gave me a mouthful). It was flavourful and not too gamey!


Warm Spinach Salad
grilled beef | bacon vinaigrette
I would highly recommend the salad because the main is really hearty! Salad was well-dressed and the beef was flavourful. Great appetiser indeed!

Third Course
Corn Veloute or Beef Goulash
You can opt between these two but I got myself the flavoursome Beef Goulash! Very comforting and shiok!

Main Course
A total of 7 choices for you to choose from and I’ll only be showing 3 of them! The rest is for you to find out yourself!
Spiced Spanner Crab Linguine
prawn oil | tomato ragu


USDA Prime 6 oz Beef Rib Eye (additional $20++)
pomme aligot | confit truss tomatoes


Cajun Spiced Picanha 
snow peas | kipfler potatoes | garlic butter
Because it was so hard to pick what to eat, I asked the staff for recommendation. So, here’s what I got and I really have to thank the staff for introducing this dish to me. Fat to meat ratio was good, tender and super succulent. Loving the garlic butter on the top as well!

Coconut Mousse
chocolate sable | raspberry sorbet | coconut crumble
This dessert has the perfect sweet-sour combination. Coconut flavour was rich and sweet, and it was balanced by the mild sourness of the raspberry ice cream!


Pistachio Flan
pistachio | raspberry sauce | chocolate tuile
Not particularly fond of this because the pistachio flavour was underwhelming!


Black Forest Cake
mixed berries wojapi | chocolate shavings | chocolate tuile
It’s hard to find a classic and old school Black Forest Cake now and I’m so in love with Wooloomooloo’s rendition! Flavour was just nice and the cake was soft and moist. Secretly hoping for another slice haha!




Nearest Mrt Station: City Hall
Location: 2 Stamford Rd, Level 3 Swissotel The Stamford, 178882
What To Order: Surf & Turf Brunch and Party Set
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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