Office people be thinking during lunch time – Where to find nice yet wallet-friendly meal in town? Well, you can enjoy a satisfying bowl of Donburi at Kogane Yama without breaking the bank! With their 9 newly launched Donburi bowls (& nothing above $15), you and your colleagues are bound to find something that you all will like. Think succulent dishes such as Bara Charashi Don, Salmon Mentai Don (my FAV), Tendon and many more! If I were you, I’ll complete the meal with a comforting Miso Soup & Chawanmushi (ONLY add another $2.50). So, what are you waiting for? Time to jio your colleagues out for lunch at Kogane Yama this week! Trust me, it’s super value-for-money!

Just look at how hearty the Donburi bowls are! Quality is not compromised even though they are very affordable. You’ll definitely head back to office with a very satisfying stomach!

So hard to choose what to eat (cos everything on the menu looks so tasty) – that’s why you need to ask/jio more people to go, so you guys can order different bowls!

Mixed Bowl ($13.80) | Chicken Bowl ($11.80) | Prawn Bowl ($11.80) | Vegetable Bowl ($9.80)
I’m a HUGE HUGE fan of Tendon and I really liked Kogane Yama’s rendition. You can opt between four bowls – Mixed (go for this), Chicken, Prawn and Vegetable – and all of them comes with an assortment of vegetable tempura such as lotus root, long beans, carrot, shittake, enoki mushrooms, sweet potato and seaweed. Honestly, they are good on their own (don’t really need to dip them in any sauce) because they are well-marinated, well-fried and not too oily. You can also customise your bowl with a choice of base; either rice or add $1 for Soba or thin Udon in dashi broth. Lastly, complete your meal by choosing a tentsuyu sauce which comes in four variations: non-spicy and spicy levels 1, 2 and 3. Personally, I’ll go for level 2 – a hint of spice at the end which makes the tendon more shiok!

Gyu Don // $13.90
Mad love for this Gyu Don and I can understand why it’s one of the best-selling bowls from Kogane Yama! The Wagyu beef slices are flavourful, tender and very juicy. Also, look at that beautiful cooked onsen egg 😱 How to eat this? Mix the entire bowl together for maximum pleasure! Oh yes, the garlic chips are damn good lah!

(NEW) Pork Belly Shogayaki Don // $10.90 
If you can’t take beef, I’ll highly recommend you getting this dish! Pork belly was flavoursome (don’t have that strong pork flavour) and it goes really well with the enoki in ginger sauce. Again, mix the onsen egg because that’s how you need to eat it!

(NEW) Katsu Don
Chicken ($9.90) | Pork ($10.90)
If you’re having a hard time choosing what to eat, then go for the classic Katsu Don which comes in either chicken or pork. They are well-battered and not too jelat.

(NEW) Aburi Salmon Mentai Don // $11.90)
This was my favourite dish at Kogane Yama! Seriously, nothing to complain about this dish! Salmon was well-grilled; melts in the mouth and the mentaiko sauce is trying me insane. Definitely one of the dishes you MUST order when you are here. It will not disappoint you!

(NEW) Bara Chirashi Don
Assorted ($14.90) | Salmon only ($11.90) | Add truffle oil (+$2)
Sashimi-lovers will CONFIRM fall in love with this Bara Chirashi Don! It comes with a generous servings of fresh diced raw salmon, tuna, swordfish, surf clam, steamed prawn, ikura (salmon roe), tobiko (flying fish roe), cucumber and tamago (Japanese omelette) on a bed of sushi rice. Oh yes, remember to add truffle oil because it’s so worth it!

(NEW) Unagi Avocado Don // $14.90
Another popular dish from Kogane Yama and one that Unagi-lovers will definitely have their cravings satisfied! Unagi wasn’t too fishy and it paired really well with the soft and creamy avocado. Try it yourself to believe how good this is!




Nearest Mrt Station: Bugis
Location: 200 Victoria St, #02-50 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188740
What To Order: Bara Chirashi Don, Unagi Avocado Don, Aburi Salmon Mentai Don & Gyu Don
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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