Making a grand entrance into the vibrant F&B scene at Clarke Quay/Boat Quay is a mysterious, ambitious duo-themed restaurant and bar – Mythz & Myths which has already garnered massive attention since its opening. Housing two separate concepts within CMO building, Mythz represents an open-kitchen restaurant that offers a multi-cultural and carefully-curated French, Asian and Nordic fusion cuisine helmed by the talented Chef Martin who hones years of culinary experiences in 2 starred Michelin restaurants alongside Myths – a hidden and steampunk themed bar (enter via the back alley with a ‘secret’ password) that serves a multi-sensory cocktail menu under the supervision of award-winning mixologist Darren Lim, whose main objective is to provide a memorable experience for everyone who has tried his cocktail. Bringing out only the best flavour in each ingredient, Darren’s cocktails are a showcase of his understanding of the art and science of gastronomy. With these two unique personalities, Mythz & Myths is a force to be reckoned with, and will definitely make a name for itself in the near future.

With that being said, if you are working around the area, you need to pop over Mythz & Myths for their super value-for-money lunch set which is only priced at $38++ for 3 course and $58++ for 5 course (I will go for this)! Or if you want to achieve perfect #relationshipgoals, you can impress your date with a romantic dinner at the restaurant too. Then perhaps conclude the beautiful night with some drinks at the bar! Hahaha! You see, I have everything planned out for you (especially for those who doesn’t have a clue on what to do for Christmas)!

Psst! They are closed on Monday & Sunday and it’s best to call to make a reservation (festive season now) to avoid disappointment!

Aren’t you tempted after looking at all these dishes? Remember to bring your loved ones/colleagues over to Mythz & Myths for an unforgettable gastronomical feast!

Let’s start with the 5 course lunch set ($58++) which I had with my friend last week!

Cold Appetiser 

Cold capellini with hot soy, sakura shrimps, Chinese black vinegar
Kick-starting the meal with a really great appetiser – Capellini was really flavoursome with a nice savoury-sour combination that leave you wanting for more. Sakura shrimps and crispy seaweed are a great complements to the pasta as well. ‘Secretly hoping for another serving of this!’


Hamachi ceviche, tomato concasse, coriander oil, lime zest & togarashi
A light and refreshing ceviche which is really pleasurable to the taste bud. Relying on the natural freshness of each ingredient, this  dish paves the way for the next course!

Hot Appetiser 

62 degree egg, asparagus, trompette mushrooms deglazed with chicken jus 
This seemingly simple dish is actually pretty impressive! Egg was well-cooked – a gentle poke and the egg yolk flows out like nobody’s business. How to eat this? Mix them all up for maximum pleasure!


Baby octopus, chorizo sausage, garlic chives, cherry tomatoes & fennel shavings
Personally, I’ll go for this option because the baby octopus was really well-cooked and flavourful. The texture was really good too – not too chewy or tough. Cherry tomatoes also added an extra sweetness to the savoury dish. One last word to describe this dish: SHIOK!


Soup of the day
Warm, rich and creamy bowl of soup before our main course! It was flavoursome and not too oily!

Main Course

NZ Angus ribeye with parsley mash and veal jus
Even though the ribeye was left on the table for a while, it was still tender and juicy. Ribeye was really good on its own – bursting with flavours, not too gamey and it legit melts in the mouth. Paired with mash and the homemade sauce, you NEED to order this dish! I’ll definitely going back for this again!


Golden pomfret, marinated celeriac & carrots, Szechuan pepper honey milk
Honestly, it was hard to pick a winner among these two main course because both were so DAMN tasty lah. Pomfret was well-cooked and it wasn’t fishy at all. I love the subtle Szechuan pepper aroma (not spicy at all) at the end. Even the marinated celeriac and carrots were delicious as well!


Deep-fried coconut butterscotch apple pie, salted caramel, honey ginger ice cream
My sweet tooth radar was turned on after seeing this. Apple pie was fragrant and crispy (crust was good)! Paired with honey ginger ice cream, this dessert is to die for! I’m craving for this again!


Oat crust warm brownie, yuzu anglaise, pistachio horseradish ice cream
Brownie was soft, moist and not too dry. Best way to eat this – pair it with a creamy Pistachio horseradish ice cream for maximum pleasure!


Hokkaido Urchin
grilled lady fingers, citrus curried foam, japanese egg yolk emulsion, indian crackers
Sneak preview to one of their popular and highly raved dishes from their dinner menu – Hokkaido Urchin.

Chef Martin Wong showing off his knives collection which you MIGHT be able to see when you’re dining at Mythz and Myths at night! If you’re interested in seeing the collection, you can ask the staff 😉

After a satisfying lunch, it’s time to head over to the bar for some good bespoke cocktails!

Before sharing the drinks I had, here’s a picture of the charismatic and cool mixologist Darren Lim. Met him once at Lucky Bar and his drinks then already left a lasting impression.

Nyx // $24
Kilchomann Bramble, Hibiscus, Sparkling, Absinthe
Not particularly fond of Absinthe but it works for this drink. Expect a bold and strong start, and later a tangy flavour. Not a drink for the weak.

X Y (1, 0) // $24
Reyka, Dill, Kombu, Mancino Secco, Lemon, Oyster Leaf
Darren told us this tasted exactly like the real oyster and we were like – What? You sure? Must be kidding us! but this legit tasted like a Fresh Oysters (read: plump and juicy). Magically, this drink was really easy to drink and you’ll just go sip after sip. How to eat this? Take a bite on that oyster leaf and then take a sip! A MUST-TRY! Weird but so delicious!

R.E.D // $22

Mount Gay Black Barrel, Mulled Wine, Lillet Blanc, Lemon
Get your camera ready for some smokin’ action! This cocktail has a smoky flavour and has a woody finish. Definitely my favourite drink out of the three!
Oh yes, remember to get this bar snack – Tulang to go with your drinks. Super shiok & flavourful!
Nearest Mrt Station: Clarke Quay
Location: 50 South Bridge Rd, #01-00 CMO Building, Singapore 058682
What To Order: Lunch Menu, R.E.D
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10
Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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