Since its inception, Saveur has been serving affordable and delicious French cuisine. Unquestionably popular among the locals, they quickly expanded (with a total of 3 outlets) within a short span of time. Personally, I’m a HUGE fan of Saveur (since my Uni days) and has patronised their outlet at Cathay umpteen times. I have legit seen the brand grown over the years – The Cathay outlet used to be known as Concetto by Saveur and my recent visit to Saveur at Purvis Street was only a few weeks back and I’m so EXCITED to share with you all that they are BACK with an AMAZING concept – Frapas Bar by Saveur. Besides rolling out a brand new menu, this new concept also reveals a range of wallet-friendly cocktails. Expect to enjoy a myriad of hearty and addictive French dishes such as Crabmeat Croquette, Grilled Broccolini and Sophia’s Risotto alongside classic cocktails such as Margarita and many more! All-time favourites such as the Saveur Pasta, and Duck Confit are still in the menu too. So, if you’re looking for a place to chill with your friends in town, you can now do so at Frapas Bar by Saveur at Cathay without breaking the bank! Time to jio your friends for some drinks! đŸ»

The menu at Frapas Bar by Saveur is really affordable and they are really generous with the portion served! Jio more friends along so you guys can order more dishes. Ambience is nice as well!

Quench your thirst with their super affordable cocktails – I’ll go for the classic Margarita or Espresso Martini! For those who can’t drink, they also offer milkshakes, and mocktails.

Saveur Pasta // $6
Before I share with you all the new dishes, here’s a picture of my favourite (and highly raved) Saveur Pasta. It was flavourful and the pasta has a really nice texture. The sakura shrimps added an extra crunch to the pasta. So tempted to get another portion of this!

Oysters Special // $2 each
Oyster-lovers will go cray cray at Frapas Bar. They are currently running a special promotion whereby oysters are only priced at $2 each??!! You must be kidding me! Chiong ah!

Grilled Broccolini // $9
You must be thinking how good can this veggies be? And you know what? This was one of our favourite dish at the bar! It was crunchy and full of flavour. Now, where’s my beer?

Rillette Dumplings // $7
Crispy fried dumplings filled with flavoursome duck minced meat. Dip them into the sauce for maximum pleasure!

Trio of Scallops // $16
What’s not to like about this dish? Fresh, juicy and plump scallops which are so perfectly cooked! Didn’t want to share them with my friends!

Crabmeat Croquette // $9
Everyone was so in love with this, especially when it’s still piping hot! It was fried to perfection – crispy and filled with generous servings of crabmeat. Thankfully, it wasn’t too oily!

Pariser Schnitzel // $13
This was a tad too oily for me but the chicken was well-marinated and tender!

Octopus Leg // $15
I usually wouldn’t order any dish related to octopus because if it’s not cooked properly – it will either be too tough, too chewy or too mushy (if it isn’t fresh). But Frapas Bar’s rendition wasn’t too bad. Octopus had a really nice texture and the sauce was real good!

Sophia’s Risotto // $22
Still in disbelief that a 12 year old girl came out with this recipe because it BLEW all of us away. Risotto was bursting with flavour (feels like Otah risotto) and the texture was just right! Literally had to force myself to stop because it was so damn addictive!

Lemon Tart // $9
If you’re into sour desserts, you will fall in love with this. Crust was good and the lemon flavour was really fragrant. Paired with a s scoop of refreshing Yuzu ice cream, I’m a happy man!

Earl Grey Creme Brûlée // $8
This was not too bad (especially the caramelised portion) but I would have loved it even more if the earl grey flavour was more distinct!

Chocolate Moist Fudge // $9
This is actually my favourite dessert out of the three! Chocolate was rich but not too jelat. So good with that classic Vanilla ice cream!




Nearest Mrt Station: Dohby Ghaut
Location: The Cathay 2 Handy Road #01-11/12 Singapore 229233
What To Order: Crabmeat Croquette, Sophia’s Risotto and Grilled Broccolini
Bar Rating: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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