Have you heard about Bertha Charcoal Oven? Probably not for most of us! Designed and built in the UK, Bertha Charcoal Oven is widely used in Michelin-starred restaurants and has the ability to grill food at a range of temperatures. To further enhance the natural flavours of their ingredients, the up-and-coming G Bar & Grill has 2 Bertha Ovens in their kitchen alongside high grade woks.

Nestled along Henderson road, this restaurant specialises in Western-Asian fusion cuisine at an affordable price. Think mouth-watering dishes such as Thin Crust Unagi Pizza, Special Mun Fun, Chilli Crab Mantou, Chendol Softserve, Baked Cheese Tarts and many more! For people working around the area, you can also start the day with a classic breakfast set – Toast, Egg and Pandan Coffee. Or a drink or two with your colleagues after work without breaking the bank.

Psst! The spacious interior is also perfect for hosting all sorts of events.

So, here’s what I had with my mum the other day. Definitely left the restaurant with a very satisfying stomach! Also, a HUGE shoutout to the super friendly staff for making our meal even more pleasant!

Pandan Coffee
Loving a good cup of traditional coffee and I’m loving the rendition from G Bar & Grill. Infused with Pandan flavour, the coffee was aromatic and not bitter at all. Honestly, there isn’t a need to add in any condensed milk but it really depends on your preference.

Chilli Crab Mantou
Hmmm…the Chilli Crab sauce is LEGIT! Sauce was flavoursome, spicy and not too sweet. Dip those crispy (and not oily) into the sauce for maximum pleasure! But seriously, I would have loved it even more if there’s more than 2 mantous.

Thin Crust Unagi Pizza
When your picky mum said this was good, it MUST be good! Flavour was really awesome and look at that generous servings of unagi. Loving the crispy crust of the pizza too!

G Bar & Grill’s Special Mun Fan
Another highlight of our meal – Special Mun Fun! Fried rice was really good on its own and it tasted even better with the flavoursome broth. Definitely will order this again when I’m back!

Baked Cheese Tarts
What?!! They even have cheese tarts here?! And they are really good – not too jelat and I love the crisp on the burnt edges. So good I order more for take-away!

Chendol Softserve
Always a good idea to end off the meal with a refreshing ice cream. Chendol softserve was really good – rich and soaked with gula Melaka flavour.




Nearest Mrt Station: Outram
Location: 201 Henderson Rd, #01-06 Singapore 159545
What To Order: Thin Crust Unagi Pizza, Mun Fun and Chendol Softserve
Restaurant Rating: 3.5/5
Food: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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