According to Eco-Business, the hospitality sector contributes significantly to the global food waste problem with an average 35% food being wasted annually. Measures have since been implemented to tackle the issue, and more & more hotels are championing the importance of sustainable eating. Grand Hyatt Singapore, for instance, has rolled out an environmentally-friendly buffet at mezza9!

Recently, I was introduced to a local tech start-up – Treatsure which uses technology to help F&B merchants reduce their daily surplus food products, and give consumers another avenue to get food from. Their newest buffet-in-a-box concept aims to help reduce surplus buffet food and I had the opportunity to try it out at Novotel Singapore on Stevens.

The entire process was really easy and convenient (even my not-so-tech-savvy mum knows how to use it). Not only did we get to do our part in reducing food wastage, we also get to enjoy the sumptuous buffet spread from the hotel. With that being said, I would strongly encourage everyone to download and use the app because we can (together) combat this growing social problem.

You can download the app: Treatsure for FREE and there’s quite a number of hotels for you to choose from. All you have to do is head down to the chosen hotel, inform the staff you’re purchasing a box from Treatsure, scan the QR code and make payment. It is LEGIT as simple as 1,2,3! You can then proceed to fill up the box with your desired food selection from the buffet. Psst! The buffet spread at Novotel Singapore on Stevens is 👍🏻

So, the take-away box (only $10.70) for Novotel Singapore on Stevens looks like this and honestly, it was HUGE! Oh yes, boxes are different for each hotel but the price remains the same!

Like what I’ve said earlier, this helps to reduce food wastage but also, at the same time, saves you the trouble from cooking! If you’re a working mum/dad that needs to cook for your children after work, you will definitely fall in love with this app! Office people can also enjoy a lavish buffet spread (take-away in a box) at the comfort of their office. Great idea to have this as a bonding session among your colleagues without breaking the bank!

So, excited to check out the app now? Remember to download it and yes, we can all do our part in reducing food wastage!




Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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