Are you ready to welcome the Year of the Pig? Done with all your Chinese New Year shopping? Bought all your ingredients for reunion dinner? If you’re planning to host a special (not-your-typical) reunion dinner this year, I might just have the perfect plan for you! Other than the traditional steamboat or a table full of Chinese New Year dishes, why not spice up the festive season with interactive DIY Party Sets from Fortune Food?

Comes with uniquely-designed placemats, you and your loved ones can enjoy making popular Singaporean classics such as Popiah, Muah Chee, Laksa, Kueh Pie Ti and Koro Bun at the comfort of home. With steps clearly written on the placemats, you can create all these local delights in no time! If you’re having a company gathering this Chinese New Year, this Do-It-Yourself Party Sets from Fortune Food is also perfect for a fun-filled bonding session with your colleagues. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more on how you can have a EXCITING & ENGAGING Chinese New Year this year!

Psst! Fortune Food caters to the Halal community too!

As you can see, the placemats are vibrant in colours with steps clearly written on it. You just have to follow the steps (super easy) to make your very own Popiah or Muah Chee (didn’t manage to capture the Muah Chee cos my camera lens wasn’t wide enough). My family, especially my mum, was super excited when the delivery man came. We had so much fun assembling the DIY Party Sets as well as making the food. Oh yes, these local treats from Fortune Food were delicious too! Definitely ended the party with a very satisfied tummy!

Kueh Pie Ti Set (50 pcs) $34.00 / set
The Kueh Pie Ti Set from Fortune Food definitely satisfied my cravings for it! The shells were crispy and not too oily (it was still crispy when we had it the next day). Filled with
 cooked turnip with carrot, sweet sauce, crispy bits, grated peanuts, eggs, garlic chilli and coriander leaves, this is one party set you need to get this CNY! (CNY’19: $40)

Popiah Set (15 rolls) $30.00 / set
The handmade popiah skin was really moist and it goes really well with the
 cooked turnip with carrot, sweet sauce, sambal chilli, minced garlic, crispy bits, grated peanuts, eggs, shredded cucumber and coriander leaves. Oh yes, the sambal chilli legit no joke cos it’s really spicy! But, it was addictive! HELP! (CNY’19: $38)

Ayam Koro Set (15 pcs) $38.00 / set
The chicken thigh fillet was well-braised and tender. Gravy was really flavoursome (goes really well with plain rice)! Bun was also soft and moist. All in all, super shiok! (CNY’19: $45)

Laksa Set (18 small bowls) $49.00 / set
This flavourful bowl of laksa comes with Bee hoon noodles, sliced fish cake, prawn, taupok, shredded cucumber, sambal chilli and laksa leaves. Broth was so good that my neighbour’s son ate a good 3 bowls of it. Ingredients were really fresh too! Again, sambal chilli was 👍🏻 (CNY’19: $55)

Muah Chee Set (15-20 servings) $32.00 / set

Always good to have some traditional sweets after a hearty meal. Muah Chee was not overly sweet and it’s best to dip it in with  minced fried shallot first! (CNY’19: $38)
Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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