February 14 marks a special day for all couples around the world. It’s also the time of the year where you’ll either make or break your relationship….if you do not plan your Valentine’s Day itinerary wisely. Well, if you have absolutely no idea what to do this V day, you have to start thanking me cos I have everything planned out for you! I’ve complied a list in this article (in no particular order) – ‘6 Spots All Lovebirds Need To Spend Their Valentine’s Day At‘ that confirm plus chop your spouse will be very impressed with. So, if you want to have a memorable Valentine’s Day this year (or perhaps a new milestone in your relationship), you better check these places out!

Psst! Since V day is only one week away, it’s best to start making your reservation with the restaurant to avoid disappointment. I mean you want the BEST for your special someone right?

La Cantina In Venezia

Overseeing a breath-taking and magnificent view of the seaside, La Cantina In Venezia is an under-the-radar Italian restaurant hidden on the 8th level of Village Hotel Changi. Turning 16th this year, this romantic restaurant has always been consistent in quality food and service which explains its huge pool of supportive regulars. Indulge in a myriad of authentic and mouth-watering Italian classics such as Burrata, Vitello Al Funghi Porcini, Risotto Al Fruitti Di Mare, Linguine Al Granchio (my FAV) and many more! Highly recommended to book the alfresco area because you and your date can watch the sunset as well as enjoy the sea breeze!

I was really impressed with their Italian dishes. Both the presentation and portion of the dishes caught my eye! And seriously, amazing view! Here’s some of the dishes you might want to order!

Vitello Al Funghi Porcini
With no gamey taste at all, this meat was tender, flavoursome and juicy. Pour that savoury/addictive homemade sauce for maximum pleasure!

Linguine AI Granchio
Hands down my FAVOURITE dish at the restaurant. Linguine was creamy and flavourful, great texture and comes with generous servings of crabmeat. It wasn’t jelat and trust me, once you start, you can’t stop. Finished the entire dish myself and was so tempted to get another serving! Highly recommended!

Location: Village Hotel Changi, 1 Netheravon Road, #08-02, Singapore 508502

Salt Grill & Sky Bar

Bring your relationship to the next level at Salt Grill & Sky Bar where you and your spouse will embark on a carefully curated 5 course set menu while enjoying the scenic view of Singapore. Priced at 398++ per couple, be prepared to indulge in Sri Lankan Mud Crab,  Sake and White Soy Cured Sustainable Blue Fin Tuna, Mushroom Ravioli , Geraldton Kingfish or Westholme Wagyu Tenderloin and Mille Feuille. Psst! If you’re planning to pop the question this V day, Salt Grill & Sky Bar is definitely the perfect venue to do so!

Remember to get a bottle of champagne when you’re here!

Lanson Brut Black Label @ $98++ per bottle*

Meyer-Nakel Rose Cuvee Chaykas 2017 @ $98++ per bottle*

*Promotional price only valid on Valentine’s Day 

Sri Lankan Mud Crab
Almond & Grape Gazpacho I Basil
This was really easy to eat, and surprisingly I really liked the Basil flavour in it (cos I’m not a big fan of Basil). Definitely a good start to the meal!

Bluefin Tuna
Sake I White Soy I Cucumber I Ikura I Shiso
The tuna was really fresh and it has a balanced sweet-savoury-sour combination. Love the extra crunch from the cucumber as well!

Mushroom Ravioli
French Winter Truffle I Hazelnuts I Beurre Noisette
The truffle flavour was really strong (could already smell it a distance away) and the texture of the ravioli was really good! Once you start, you literally can’t stop!

Geraldton Kingfish
Hokkaido Scallop I Jerusalem Artichoke I Caper & Raisin Puree I Samphire


Westholme Wagyu Tenderloin
Black Garlic I Charred Onion I Bone Marrow Jus
If I were you, I’ll go for the Wagyu Tenderloin (signature at Salt Grill & Sky Bar)! Wagyu was cooked to perfection, tender and literally melts in the mouth! Paired with a glass of wine to further elevate the flavour of the Wagyu! So damn good!

Mille Feuille
Dark Chocolate-cherry I Mascarpone
Ending the meal with a satisfying dessert! This was not overly sweet and I absolutely love the crust!

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, #55-01 ION Orchard Mall, Singapore 238801

Uni Gallery

If your partner is a HUGE Uni-lover, then you have to bring him/her to the Uni-centric Uni Gallery by OosterBay for a sensational & Uni-quely experience. Located within The Plaza, Uni Gallery by OosterBay offers a wide range of premium Uni (from different parts of the world) and Sashimi at a very reasonable price. Air-flown 4 times a week, expect to enjoy a myriad of interesting, delicious and creative Uni dishes. Psst! They now have private rooms for you to have an intimate time with your lover!

Uni Sampler Set
Kickstarting the Uni feast with a Uni Sampler Set (variety of Uni depends on seasonality and shipment) and yeah, you can decide which is your favourite. Sampled 5 different types of Uni (from the lightest to the heaviest) and I realised I’m more in tune to Uni that are creamier, and sweeter! Oh yes! Whenever you order this, please remember to ask the staff the order of eating the Uni. Always start from the lighter flavour first (starting from the Uni that is nearest to the wasabi, and go anti-clockwise):

1) Canadian Aka Uni (Larger in size and brighter in color with sweet and briny ocean taste profile)
2) Shiro Uni (paler in color and taste profile is more creamy and very light ocean taste)
3) Ensui Uni (Uni packaged in sea water to keep the original nature of the sea urchin where uni is harvested)
4) Bafun Uni  (Bafun stands for horse dung in Japanese as the sea urchin look similar to horse dung. Smaller in size but very sweet and creamy)

5) Uni Shutou (Marinated Uni and very intense taste profile)

Uni Oyster Shot 
Oyster + Uni + Ikura = Mind-blowing! One of the most popular dishes at Uni Gallery (also known as 10 sec of Unami) because you just gulped down the oyster and uni together. Aftermath: Freaking shiok! Disclaimer: Some of you might be worried that the oyster may overpower the uni, but it was fine for me. Really liked the combination which explodes in the mouth.
Location: 7500A Beach Rd, #B1-310, Singapore 199591

Alma by Juan Amador

I know I had to put this restaurant in the list after my dinner with them a few weeks ago! I was very impressed with the food and service (btw, this is not a sponsored post okay). If you guys aren’t aware, Alma by Juan Amador has a Michelin Star tied to its name and they are located outside Goodwood Park Hotel. I have heard so many positive reviews about the restaurant and I’m so glad I finally tried it! Not going to show you all the dishes I had for my dinner because I really want you to have that element of surprise at the restaurant!

You are presented with 4 really interesting (read: fusion) snacks and they are all so darn good!

The beef was really well-cooked – tender and super juicy! Not gamey at all!Challand Duck
This is definitely one of the most tender duck I’ve ever tasted! So good it didn’t taste like duck at all. Texture was super nice and it was not chewy at all. Secretly hoping this was a tad bigger!

This is like a dream come true for all Truffle Fans! They were so generous with the shaved truffle (legit huge pieces of truffle falling on your dessert)!

Petite Four
Ending the meal with a platter of desserts! Everything was so good, except the Durian dessert (because sorry I’m not a fan of durian)!

Location: 22 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228221

Subrosa Private Dining

Tucked away in a shophouse along Jln Besar is a new hidden gem – Subrosa which is essentially a farm-to-table private dining restaurant that values bringing in the freshest ingredients straight from the source right to their kitchen within 48 hours, such as their locally-grown lobsters and their in-house herb garden. Don’t belittle this new private dining space because many high profile individuals (from the royal family in Britain to the local celebrities at Mediacorp) have already #triedandtestedandapproved the creations by the very experienced Executive Chef! If you want the very best for your partner, then you have to treat him/her to an impressive five or seven course experience set based on the season’s freshest produce.

Artisan Bread Selection
Breads are all baked in house and the Garlic Bread was so good! Garlic flavour wasn’t too overpowering and the bread was really moist. Paired it with the truffle butter for maximum pleasure! Already so impressed with their artisan breads!

Fresh is Best
I’m so amazed at the plating of this dish! So pretty I couldn’t bear myself to eat it. Scallop was really fresh and I really liked the sauce which has a nice citrusy alongside a hint of spice! I was literally licking the sauce away! #sorrybutnotsorry

The Cocktail
The aerated shrimp has a bold/strong flavour which some of you might not be used to it, thus the bloody Mary tomatoes on the side to neutralise it. But I thought I really liked the strong flavour of the shrimp and yes, they were really generous with the crabmeat at the bottom!

Quaking Cod That
Cod fish was well-cooked – not too fishy or oily. Texture was really nice and the fried onions brought an extra crunch to the overall dish! Oh yes! the duck consommé was really flavourful!
Lychee & Peppermint Sorbet
This must be the tastiest palate cleanser I’ve ever come across before our mains! Sorbet was really light and refreshing! So tempted to ask for more! haha!
Whats up Duck
Cured Duck was amazing! Tender and not gamey at all! Really nothing to complain about this dish!

Remember Mee
A creative and delicious twist to our favourite local food – Hokkien Mee. The rendition at Subrosa is really refreshing and for once, I’m willing to finish the entire plate of noodles even though I usually skip carbs! Noodles had a nice texture and the broth was AMAZING! Also, so generous with the lobster meats! Trust me, your eyes will sparkle once you take a bite!
Tropical Passion
When you have all your favourite fruits in a plate! This desserts really represents Singapore well – tropical and thus you need a refreshing dessert to beat the heat. You have a balanced flavour of coconut (my fav), mango, lime and passionfruit!

Location: 369 Jln Besar, Singapore 208997

Tipsy Penguin
For an unconventional Valentine’s Day this year – if you guys are not into ‘pretentious’ date, you can check out Tipsy Penguin, a hidden gem in Tampines! Located conveniently within NTUC Income Junction (directly opposite Tampines Hub), this modern bistro bar offers an extensive selection of Asian-Fusion dishes at a very reasonable price. On top of that, they have live bands performing every evening from Monday to Saturday. For V day, they have also rolled out a special 4-course menu that comes with an appetiser, soup, choice of entree and a dessert at only $35++ per pax! Definitely very value-for-money!

 Baked Oyster Chowder in shell with Tobiko
Oyster was really fresh and juicy! It paired really well with the chowder (not too jelat), bread crumbs and tobiko!

Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Brown Butter, Truffle Cream
Because the response for this was so good during Christmas, they decided to bring it back for V day! Pumpkin flavour was really rich with a hint of truffle! Best to have it piping hot!

Maine Lobster Risotto +7
Risotto was well-cooked to have a really nice texture (not too tough or too soggy) and flavour. Lobster was fresh and crunchy!
Baked Salmon En Papillote with Orange and Dill and Truffle Mash
Hmmm..this Baked Salmon, I approve! It was not overly cooked and the meat melts in the mouth!
Lemon Meringue Tart Served with Chocolate Pebbles
Loving this not-that-sour Lemon Meringue Tart from Tipsy Penguin! If its still too sour for you, go for the Chocolate Pebbles! This Lemon Meringue Tart is definitely well-baked!
Location: 300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-02A, Singapore 529653

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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