I’m so envious of people who stay near/around Holland Village because there’s so many food options to choose from. Just name any cuisine you desire/crave and you can almost (read: instantly) find a decent one in the neighbourhood. From cafes, restaurants to bars, there’s never a dull moment when you’re hanging out at Holland Village. If you’re a HUGE pizza fan, I’ve got a great piece of news to share! Alt. Pizza is NOW in Holland Village! Cue ‘Screaming đŸ˜±’

Yes! Known for their delicious sourdough pizzas, Alt. Pizza has recently opened their newest outlet at the bustling Holland Village with 2 Limited Time Only Pizzas! Available from now till end of March, diners can enjoy Rocketman – vine ripened tomato sauce, Calabrese-style salami and roasted red peppers, topped with fresh rocket and extra virgin olive oil; and Wicked Veg, a vegetarian option of roasted sweet pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, earthy spinach, garlic, parmesan and feta. Other MUST-TRY includes their signature Truffle Shuffle (my FAV) and The Hangover! If you’re adventurous enough, you can also build your very own pizza at the restaurant!

So, are you ready for a pizza 🍕 party? Time to jio all of your loved ones to Alt. Pizza because pizza taste even better when it’s shared!

Hmmm….can never resist a pizza with flavourful fillings and nice crust! I don’t know about you but for me, I can finish the entire pizza on my own if the pizza is really good/and not jelat! Definitely walked out of Alt. Pizza with a very satisfying stomach. You can totally see my grin when I left the restaurant!

Always good to order a bowl of salad to ease off the greasiness! The salad at Alt. Pizza was decent – well-dressed and refreshing. When you need a break from the pizza, you can probably eat this!

CARBS! NOOOO! But this Fries with Truffled Mayo was so hard to resist! Once you start, you literally had to force yourself to stop! Fries were chunkier (I’m not complaining) and it goes so well with the sauce! Highly recommended and don’t say I never warn you – it’s darn addictive and if you’re on diet, aiyah just eat lah cos it’s calories worth gaining!

Another addictive starter from Alt. Pizza is this Alt. Wings with Hot Sauce! Wings were definitely flavourful and honestly I thought they were already tasty without the condiment. But if you want an extra kick, dip them into the special hot sauce.

I also got the chance to visit the kitchen where all the pizzas are baked. Alt. Pizza has a secret ingredient to their amazing sourdough and they named it Sophia. Well, what’s Sophia? We all don’t know but it’s the secret to the crispiness and chewiness of the pizza crust. All pizzas are fire-baked on a hot stone heath and watched closely by skilled artisan
bakers! I really have to applaud the chef because the heat was already killing me when I’m barely 15 minutes in the kitchen!

Here’s my FAV pizza at Alt. Pizza – Truffle Shuffle! The truffle aroma was literally everywhere and it tasted even better when it’s in your mouth. Crust was good and yes, you can never stop once you start! Truffle-lovers have (read: a must) to order this!

Another best-seller is the Hangover which is essentially made of a meaty number with pepperoni and chicken fennel sausage,
paired with sweet and smoky roasted onion and cheese for good measure! You know it’s good when everyone was fighting for the last piece. So good I take-away some home for my parents!

The rocketman was not too bad (unless you’re not into rocket) because I thought it wasn’t as greasy as the other pizzas because the rockets somewhat neutralises it. Goes really well with the salami too! Probably can skip ordering the salad if you’re ordering this! Limited time only, so go try before it’s gone!

Not your typical kind of combination but the Wicked Veg works! You don’t see people putting pumpkin and spinach together in their pizza but this was surprisingly delicious (especially because I don’t like spinach). And yes, this is a vegetarian pizza! Definitely worth trying!

Ending the meal with a very sinful yet satisfying dessert – Rocky Road, a luscious mix of sticky
marshmallows, shortbread biscuits, crunchy almonds, coconut, dark and white chocolate paired with a scoop of classic Vanilla ice cream! Arghhh! My dieting is screwed!




Nearest Mrt Station: Holland Village
Location: 267 Holland Avenue Singapore 278989
What To Order: Truffle Fries, Wings, Truffle Shuffle and Wicked Veg
Restaurant Rating: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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