Since its inception, habitat by honestbee has lived up to its name for being the world’s first tech-enabled, multi-sensory grocery & dining destination. With only a few months in the scene, habitat has become a very popular spot for both the locals and tourists. Other than the extensive grocery selection, the place also houses several dining establishments such as Poofy (serving soft, pillowy and gluten-free pancakes) and many more! Recently, habitat welcomes two exciting entrants – oyster & seafood bar, Hama Hama, which brings Asian-inspired small plates and progressive cocktail bar (hidden bar behind the famous mirrored culinary-de-sac Wine & Spirits alley), B Bar. Another reason for you and your loved ones to visit habitat again!

Psst! These two new places are perfect for dating as well 😉

Hama Hama
Conceptualised by Chef De Cuisine Vincent Ng, Hama Hama injects a rustic elegance into its seasonal sharing menu (has a similar concept as Omakase). With oysters as the main draw, diners can expect to enjoy from 9 different types ranging from French to Irish, including two house specials. Other MUST-TRY includes their Truffle Udon, Crab Salad, Bouchot Mussels, Calamansi Meringue Tart and Milo & Nescafe (the desserts are damn shiok btw)!

Other than the oysters, the dishes that I’ve tried/shared in this article are all tasting portions. So, you can expect the servings to be bigger 😀 Also, totally threw my dieting plans aside cos the food were too good to be missed!

Before your appetiser, you will be served with their in-house bread and a comforting bowl of soup.

Fresh Oysters
OMG! No wonder they are known for their oysters because they were mind-blowing delicious! Comprises of Raw (Lemon & Hot Sauce Jelly – Middle), Crush (Cucumber Granita – Far Right) and Panko (Breadcrumbs, Mentaiko Aioli), these oysters were to die for! For somebody like me who doesn’t take oysters frequently (cos I’m really scared of the fishy taste), I’m more than willing to go for another serving. Oh yes, start from Crush first (super refreshing), then Raw and lastly Panko! Highly recommended!

Crab Salad
Other than it being so beautifully presented (can’t bear to eat it), this was really very pleasurable to the tastebuds. Consisting of Coriander Sorbet, Laksa Oil, Smoked Tomato and generous servings of Crabmeat, this dish was wiped out in no time! Tastes as good as it looks!

Truffle Udon
Unlike your usual angel hair pasta, Hama Hama uses udon instead of capellini. Truffle flavour wasn’t too overwhelming and the udon wasn’t over-cooked. Truffle-lovers will definitely fall in love with this!

Cured Salmon
We all thought it was a dessert (also nicely presented) but it’s actually salmon infused with beetroot, horseradish cream and orange. For those who doesn’t like beetroot, don’t worry because the flavour wasn’t very distinct. Salmon was really sweet and it literally melts in your mouth!

Skate Wings
Braised leek with peas and shredded hash!

Bouchot Mussels
WOW! The broth was really flavoursome! Other than it having the sweetness of the mussels, it was soaked with Chinese wine. They were quite generous with the plump and juicy mussels! Oh yes, this comes with a plate of addictive Fried Hor Fun!

Calamansi Meringue Tart
This was actually really tasty! It wasn’t overly sour, thus an enjoyment to eat. The pineapple sorbet was really refreshing. “Secretly hoping for another serving!”

Milo & Nescafe
Ending the meal with an interesting take on our favourite local drinks – Milo & Nescafe. The Milo Kueh (similar to Nonya Kueh) has a very subtle milo flavour and it goes so well with the fragrant Nescafe Ice Cream. Super happy cos this dessert was so good!

*For reservations, please email [email protected]. You can also check out Hama Hama Instagram page over here: @habitatoysterbar!

B Bar
Like what I’ve mentioned in the beginning, B Bar is a hidden spot inside Wine & Spirits Alley (nice place for ootd btw). Helmed by Resident bar manager Anton Gornev, be prepared to be dazzled by his creative cocktails infused with local and Asian flavours. Bringing his travel experience into play, think exciting drinks such as The Milkey Whey (my FAV), Cold Brew Colada, Beehive and many more! What’s a bar without snacks! You can also pair your drinks with signature bar snacks such as Beef Cheek Nuggets, Truffle Fries and Smoked Beef Slider!

After a satisfying meal at Hama Hama, it’s time to drink to our heart’s content at B Bar! It’s a nice place to chill with your friends after a stressful day at work! They have an extensive selection of spirits – you can also ask the friendly bartender to customise a drink for you! And I drank all the cocktails that night cos they were so good!

Rice Up
Okay the image is a little blur (not because I was drunk) cos I was too excited to drink it. This drink consists Junmai Ginjo Sake, Umami Cordial, Genmaicha Vapour. Very easy to drink and it has a nice Yuzu aftertaste!

A stronger cocktail as compared to all that I’ve tried. Made up of Sandalwood Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Rhubarb Bitter and Maldon Salt.

😍Milky Whey
Definitely my FAV drink of the night! It was really easy to drink and I don’t mind having another two glasses of it. Made of Bourbon, Cola Cordial, Lime and Full Cream Milk. And also that lavender flavour 😍

Cold Brew Colada
Taking inspiration from Pina Colada and Espresso Martino, this Cold Brew Colada , made of Cold Brew Coffee, Kaya Jam (yes, you’ve read it correctly) and Pineapple Cordial is essentially a mocktail! But honestly, I’ll go for their cocktail!

Another highlight at Beehive and also a MUST-TRY! Gin is rested with Beeswax, Elderflower Liqueur, Sesame Oil and Grapefruit Tonic! And did you see that sesame on the side? Goes really well with the drink! Licked it clean!

Smoked Beef Slider
OMG! The beef patty (4 cuts of hand molded Angus) was so juicy! Took a bite and the juice bursts like nobody’s business. And did you see that melted cheese oozing out from the burger? SO DAMN SHIOK!

Beef Cheek Nuggets
This is the perfect bar snack! Beef Cheek was so flavourful and dip it into the sauce for maximum pleasure. Now, where’s my drink?

Duck & Duck
Another great bar snack is this bite-sized Smoked Duck Breast, Pan-Fried Foie Gras served with Melba Toast and Hoisin Glaze.

Truffle Fries
Of course the never go wrong Truffle Fries!

*For reservations, please email [email protected]. And you can check out B Bar Instagram page over here: @bbar_sg!




Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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