If you think there’s nothing to do or eat in Punggol, think again. In fact, you can find many good, family-friendly eats around the area. One of which is Inspirit House, a cosy and family-oriented restaurant hidden within The Punggol Settlement. Other than offering reasonably-priced fusion cuisine and alcoholic beverages, diners can also enjoy LIVE music performances in the restaurant. How awesome is that? Parents can also eat in peace (FINALLY) because there’s a dedicated kids’ corner at the back of the restaurant.

Psst! If you’re looking for an event space, you can definitely consider Inspirit House because they are perfect for all sorts of occasion! 

At Inspirit House, you can find comfort food (familiar flavours) but with a modern twist. They are also quite generous with the food portions. Not a bad place to dine at during lunch time too!

Cereal Ham Flat Bread Pizza // $12.90
Pork ham, mozzarella, parsley
I mean who doesn’t like cereal? And look at how generous they are with the amount of cereal they put on the pizza! Flavour was really good but I would have loved it even more if the pizza crust was crispier! (but it could also be due to the fact that I left the pizza on the table for quite some time)

Pork Belly Platter
Huge slab of pork belly meat stuffed with greens to lessen your guilt. Pork Belly was flavoursome, tender and juicy. Goes really well with beer!

Laksa Pasta // $13.90
Linguine, prawns, beansprout, tau pok, laksa leaf
Probably the cheapest and most value-for-money Laksa Pasta I’ve come across in a restaurant setting. Coconut flavour was not too overwhelming and neither was it too spicy. Secretly hoping that the portion was a tad bigger!

Truffle Chow Mien // $14.90
Stir-fried noodles with prawns, shiitake mushroom, greens, truffle oil, a dash of spice
Honestly, the truffle wasn’t too distinct but I guess the texture of the noodles saved the dish! Personally, I’ll go for the Laksa Pasta!

Pork Loin Steak // $24.90
Premium pork, medium doneness, mash, side salad, caramelized apple or garlic chilli sauce
This was my favourite dish at Inspirit House! Pork wasn’t too gamey and it was really tender. Paired really well with the mash and yes the pork is not dry at all!

Rosemary Chicken // $18.90
If you’re looking for something safe, go for this rosemary chicken. Chicken was flavourful!

Black Glutinous Dessert // $8.90
Black glutinous rice served with single scoop of vanilla ice cream
Essentially your Pulut Hitam but the rendition at Inspirit House was not too sweet or jelat. Quite a good dessert to combat the hot weather! A good mix of hot and cold!

Chendol & Waffle // $8.90
Chendol ice cream with red beans, green jelly & waffle
Ending the meal on the sweetest note – popular local dish – Chendol ice cream and a soft and fluffy waffle! Me like!


*For more information, you can head to their website: http://inspirithouse.com


Nearest Mrt Station: Punggol
Location: 3 Punggol Point Road, #01-05, The Punggol Settlement, 828694
What To Order: Pork Belly Platter, Pork Loin and Chendol & Waffle
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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